ERP Software Company: How To Filter One Using These 6 Steps

Posted By : admin | March 7, 2018

ERP Software Company

It’s as important to hire the best ERP software company (ERP implementation partner) as choosing an ERP software system for your company. The reason is, there are increased chances of going wrong when incorporating a latest technology or software into your business. Thus, it becomes critical to get this decision right.

Here’s a list of 6 critical characteristics to look for in an agency if you want one of the best ERP software companies to work for you.

1) They must have a visible track record:- 

This step, in fact, can be applied anywhere where it requires the hiring of any types of agency.  A vital factor to consider when selecting a partner is knowing whether the company you’re investigating has a good track record. You can go through the company’s case studies of successful ERP integrations. Request for referrals.  Beyond that, try contacting those referrals and look for insights.

By having a thorough conversation with businesses who’ve already partnered with the company in question, you can get unbiased views about the quality and work process of the ERP implementation agency.

So, if you want a successful ERP implementation and become an ERP ready business, it’s necessary that you choose your ERP software company after knowing one or two things about it.

2) They have necessary resources:- 

This step coordinates with step #1. Another reason to check the track record of a company is to find whether in the past it has successful dealing with companies of your business size and scope. Also, check if they have the necessary equipment to manage the implementation of your business size. If your business is global, have they handled ERP implementation for globalized companies? All of this is important for ERP implementation success.

3) Exceptional Communication Experience:- 

While choosing an ERP software company for ERP implementation, communication is another vital factor that one cannot afford to miss. ERP implementation is a complicated process and can take weeks, months, or even year. During this time, having someone with excellent communication is essential.

Are they located nearby? You can have them face-to-face when required. Will they be able to respond efficiently and quickly to your concerns?

Thus, a smooth flow of communication becomes a vital factor to be considered while choosing an ERP software company.

4) They have experienced ERP developers:-

It’ll be more than beneficial if you can find an agency that has its team of ERP developers (in-house). Having an agency that has experienced ERP developers, and not a mediator between you and the ERP software company can decrease your plenty of hassles many companies face during the implementation. In a nutshell, you can have direct communication with ERP developers, assign them new tasks and modifications, etc. without even requiring a mediator to convey your messages. Above that, experienced developers will be looking after your ERP implementation.

5) They have an agile methodology for software development:- 

A usual occurrence in ERP implementations is for new information to come to light during the process, you may have a few ideas beforehand and require to change them over time. Thus, it becomes important that your ERP software company is able to modify or manage the implementation in response to those demands and ideas.

6) Understand Your Requirements:- 

The last but not the least, make sure you understand your business requirements. While this has less directly to impact your decision on hiring, it does indirectly: if you know what you are looking for, you will more likely find the right person to do the job.

Here are some questions that can help you determine your requirements: What type of techno-functional objectives you are trying to achieve with an ERP system? What software, machines, and other systems you have that can either (a) required to be integrated into the new ERP system or, b) be replaced by the new ERP system.

As mentioned above, answers to these questions may change over time. However, it’s vital for you to know your requirements so that you can communicate them to the ERP software company efficiently.

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