Developing Healthcare ERP Solutions Using ERPNext

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | February 24, 2021

The healthcare industry is in the midst of a major shift with several changes underway, catapulted by the global spread of the novel coronavirus. The previous year has been full of hardships for healthcare institutions and frontline workers who came in direct contact with patients. Now that we have several vaccination programs in place, the healthcare authorities are looking for ways to facilitate the seamless rollout of vaccines across nations. That being said, ERP software development could be a game-changer in the field of medicine that would also accelerate vaccination drives. 

ERPNext, an open-source ERP software suite, provides promising solutions for healthcare institutes to streamline their operations and improve treatment methodologies. With an all-one-one healthcare module, ERPNext application development could be a transformative leap, especially during these times of global pandemic. 

ERPNext application development for healthcare

Let’s move ahead and explore the significance of ERPNext application development and learn how it benefits healthcare organizations and medical institutes. 


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ERPNext Application Development: Implementing The Healthcare Module

ERPNext provides an all-in-one healthcare module to get by the complexities of routine healthcare activities and to improve treatment facilities. It includes managing patients’ data in one place, scheduling appointments, consultations, lab testing, procurement of medicines, and more. In short, ERPNext application development enables healthcare professionals to digitally manage their routine tasks with reduced manual strain. Below are the main benefits of ERPNext application development to enhance operational efficiency in the healthcare sector. 


Faster Appointment Scheduling and Case Management

Every hospital, medical institute, and healthcare center deals with an increasing influx of patients, especially during these times of global health crisis. That said, it is essential to have a robust software system in place to book appointments and handle medical emergencies. ERPNext provides a centrally-managed software interface that automatically schedules appointments based on the availability of doctors and medical staff. Besides, it lets you effectively deal with emergency cases by enabling faster patient registration without impacting the quality of services. 

ERPNext application development for healthcare
Source: ERPNext Blog


With segmentation filters, medical staff can ensure that patients remain in different wards based on their medical conditions. Using the ERPNext module, they can assign different medical codes to their patients for effective segmentation and easy identification. For instance, the COVID-19 patients will carry a different set of medical coding mapped directly to their isolation ward details. 


Streamlined Operations In Various Departments

The core functionality of any ERP system is to eliminate manual complexities by enabling automation across different departments. The ERPNext healthcare module focuses on rendering an organized workflow with one-click access to the required medical data in every department. Moreover, with cloud support, it allows unlimited data storage and accessibility with multi-layer security through robust user authentication and authorization techniques. 


Easy Accessibility To Patient Data

With ERPNext’s medical coding functionality, doctors and healthcare workers can easily retrieve patients’ medical records including disease/illness, symptoms, undergoing treatment, etc. Moreover, doctors can add prescriptions and additional notes, mapping this data directly to the patients’ digital health records. It further aids in the timely diagnosis of chronic diseases and yields improved treatment facilities. 


Improved Laboratory Management

With ERPNext application development, you get a software module to efficiently manage laboratory operations through a variety of lab templates. With the availability of lab templates, technicians don’t need to fill in redundant data every time a new test is being performed.

ERPNext application development for healthcare
Source: ERPNext Blog


As a result, it accelerates lab testing, eliminates manual complexities, and saves the results on the cloud. Besides, it maintains a tamper-proof record of lab sample variants, prescriptions, and dosage forms. 


Billing, Invoicing, and Prescription Generation

Another useful feature that ERPNext brings to the table is custom billing, invoicing, and prescription generation. You can choose from dozens of invoice/prescription templates and customize them as per your needs. Other crucial features of ERPNext application development for the healthcare industry include pharmacy management, asset management, accounting/payroll, and human resource management. 


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In addition to the healthcare module, ERPNext offers a series of standalone modules for diverse business use cases. You can use these modules right out of the box and customize them to suit your business needs with little configuration. For instance, healthcare institutions can use different ERPNext modules to streamline their mission-critical tasks such as accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, inventory management, attendance tracking, purchasing, and more. 


At Oodles ERP, we have successfully established ourselves as an experienced ERPNext development company that provides custom enterprise solutions for cross-industry business use cases. Our ERPNext application development services enable government, private, and public healthcare organizations to streamline their operations and improve medical facilities. We also have our expertise in using open-source software platforms like Odoo, OFBIz, Opentaps, and jBPM. For more information, reach out to us at [email protected].

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