ERPNext POS Software Development For Retail Stores

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | December 10, 2021

Point of sale systems have become increasingly popular in the retail sector because of the apparent benefits they deliver over traditional payment methods. The POS software when installed on the POS terminal of a retail store helps streamline and speed up the checkout process. By facilitating faster payments, it aids in reducing congestion at the cash register and enables store owners to maintain a tamper-proof sales ledger. Besides, the retailers gain access to advanced features like barcodes, QR codes, inventory tracking, contactless payments, and custom invoicing. All things considered, POS software development has become a requisite need for businesses operating in the retail sector to edge ahead of their competitors. 

ERPNext is an open-source software platform that offers promising solutions for POS software development and implementation. With a pluggable POS module, it enables retailers to avail immediate benefits of POS implementation across their stores. The module is fully customizable and easier to scale as per the changing business needs. Besides, we can also add custom features to the POS software to address varying business needs and provide a more personalized view of the application. 

ERPNext POS Software

Here, we shed light on the importance of ERPNext POS software development for businesses belonging to the retail sector. At the same time, we highlight the key features of ERPNext POS and the benefits it delivers to small-scale retailers. 


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The ERPNext POS Software 

The POS software from ERPNext is increasingly flexible and customizable to address the diverse business needs and POS requirements. Besides, it is fully compatible with a wide range of devices, integrates well with inventory data, and offers offline usage as well. Let us now delve into the key features of the ERPNext POS software from the standpoint of retail-based businesses. 


POS Profile

ERPNext POS Software
Source: ERPNext

ERPNext POS software enables store operators to create multiple sales profiles and configure the POS features for personalized access. Using these profiles, update the latest information about stock location, prices, warehouse details, and more. Also, they can add or remove payment methods, update profile information, configuration, or change default settings. 


Multi-Store Management

ERPNext POS Software
Source: ERPNext

ERPNext makes it easier to manage multiple retail stores while also keeping track of store-wise profit/loss statements and sales reports. You can easily register a new store on the ERPNext software module and start managing operations simultaneously with minimal complications. Besides, it lets you configure store dimensions and parameters, track stock movements, and evaluate the overall performance and profitability in a few clicks. 


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Promotions and Marketing

ERPNext POS Software
Source: ERPNext

With ERPNext POS software, you get built-in tools to run promotional campaigns by offering simple discounts for a set period of time. Store operators can apply various promotional schemes to attract new customers or pull in their existing customers. Besides, they can also run customer loyalty programs to encourage their existing customers to make more purchases by offering special rewards and credits. 


Custom Invoices

ERPNext POS Software
Source: ERPNext

The ERPNext POS software provides an intuitive print format build that lets you create a custom invoice template and use it to generate customer invoices instantly. The invoice template builder is fully customizable i.e you can easily add your brand logo, store address, contact info, and other details. Once you set up a default template, it will automatically generate customer invoices using the given template with minimal complexities.


Open Source POS Development

Those who require a more flexible solution can use the ERPNext source-code to build a custom POS software from scratch. That way, they gain complete control over the software and its features and fully customize it as per their own requirements. 


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In addition to providing a customizable POS module, ERPNext also lets you develop a custom software solution from scratch. It is an ideal way to develop and implement a POS solution tailored to your retail-specific business needs. One of the major advantages of using ERPNext is the open-source codebase that enables developers to build custom apps on top of ERPNext. Because of the open-source nature of ERPNext, you do not need to incur any additional software license fees. As a result, it significantly reduces the overall project costs since you only need to bear the development costs. Nevertheless, it is critical to choose a trusted technology partner and ERPNext development company to get off on the right foot. 


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