ERP Software Development For The Automotive Industry

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | October 27, 2021

The automotive industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors worldwide owing to its sheer dominance in the global production and distribution value chain. Nevertheless, as automotive manufacturers continuously strive to corner the market, the industry is likely to flourish in the coming years as well.

Nevertheless, the cut-throat competition in the market causes several challenges for automotive startups as they fail to gain traction regardless of their USP. Above all, it is always difficult to keep up with changing industry trends, volatile market conditions, and dynamic customer needs. That said, having a full-scale ERP software infrastructure has become increasingly important for automobile manufacturers as well as other companies operating in the automotive sector. 

ERP Software Development For The Automotive Industry

ERP software development for the automotive industry provides a series of automation tools to streamline operations and efficiently manage production schedules. Automotive ERP systems are designed to address the challenges prevalent in the industry and could be customized to fulfill the diverse needs of a company. From procuring raw materials to inventory management and managing supply chain activities, it keeps enterprises on top of their organizational goals. 

In this blog post, we highlight the key modular features of an automotive ERP software system. At the same time, we shall discuss their benefits to automotive manufacturers. 


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Automotive ERP Software: Features and Benefits

Developing and implementing ERP software solutions has become an inevitable need for companies operating in the automotive sector. That said, it is critical to ensure that your custom ERP solution has got the right features and functionalities. Here, we highlight the most common and essential features that you must include in your automotive ERP software. 


Inventory Management and Tracking

Inventory management is of foremost importance in the automotive industry as it directly impacts production efficiency. It is, therefore, essential to have a fully integrated inventory module in place that keeps track of stocks including raw materials, finished products, and unfinished materials. In addition to improving inventory management efficiency, it streamlines warehouse management activities and helps reduce the instances of stockouts and overstocking.



ERP software development for the automotive industry must have all essential components to conduct routine system audits. Auditability ensures the smooth functioning of different manufacturing, inventory, and supply chain processes by enhancing operational efficiency. Besides, it provides automobile manufacturers with the ability to track different components, manufactured parts, trace sold accessories, and aids in delivering brilliant after-sales support. 


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Supply Chain Management

The supply chain happens to be the backbone of the automobile industry. It bridges the gap between suppliers and manufacturers, thereby enabling automobile manufacturers to maintain a perfect demand-supply curve. The supply chain is closely related to logistics, thus, it ensures that stock reaches the intended destination on time with minimal lag or complications. That said, ERP software development for the automotive industry must render support for effective supply chain management. Owing to the sheer value of supply chain management for the automotive industry, it is advisable to develop a custom SCM solution that best addresses diverse business needs. 


Financial Management 

ERP software development for the automotive industry must also include an accounting module that keeps track of all financial transactions and streamlines bookkeeping tasks. Also, it generates insightful reports and financial statements to help keep close tabs on all financial activities. In addition to financial management, the accounting module alleviates the process of tax filing and aids in maintaining an efficient cash flow. 


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Closing Remarks

These were some of the main ERP modules and software features that are increasingly beneficial for automobile companies. Besides, there are many other modules like CRM, HRM, and workforce management that are equally important to achieve higher operational efficiency. Considering the sheer competition in the market and given the complexities involved, an off-the-shelf ERP software might not be suitable for most enterprises. Therefore, custom ERP development would be an ideal solution to sail through the complexities of the automotive production and distribution value chain.


How We Help You With ERP Software Development For The Automotive Industry?

We, at Oodles ERP, provide end-to-end ERP application development services to solve the complex business problems of our customers. Our ERP software development services for the automotive industry aids in enhancing business productivity by enabling automation at every level. We use the latest tech stack in combination with open-source software platforms and next-gen technologies to build scalable software solutions with custom features. To learn more about our ERP offerings, contact us at [email protected].

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