The Importance of Accounting Software For Educational Institutions

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | May 5, 2022

A series of advancements in the education sector have paved the way for educational technology (and the EdTech industry). As the name suggests, the EdTech industry incorporates the combined use of computer hardware and software technologies to deliver improved learning experiences. Besides, there is a quest to develop intelligent software applications to drive digital transformation across the EdTech industry. 

Financial management plays a critical role in the education sector similar to any other industry-specific business that involves financial transactions. All educational institutions including schools, universities, coaching institutes, and distance learning centers deal with large volumes of financial transactions. That being said, these entities require a holistic software solution to gain control of their accounting and financial activities. This is where the role of accounting software comes into play. 

EdTech Accounting Software

In this blog post, we shed light on the importance of EdTech accounting software for the education sector with a focus on the key benefits it delivers.


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The EdTech Accounting Software 

Implementing the EdTech accounting software is of foremost importance to educational institutions as it helps them efficiently manage their financial activities and bookkeeping tasks. Besides, there are several cloud ERP platforms that enable these entities to build scalable accounting solutions on the cloud. Above all, it facilitates seamless tracking of cashflows and aids in managing financial data in one place. In the following section, we shall delve into the key benefits of accounting software for the EdTech industry. 


Remote Access To Financial Data

Implementing accounting software enables educational institutions to maintain tamper-proof financial records with easy access to accounts’ data. Besides, it aids in effective financial calculations, mitigates capital expenditures, increases productivity levels, and drives revenue growth.  


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Mobile Support

The ERP-based accounting solutions are mobile-friendly since they are easily accessible across mobile devices, thus allowing users to access financial data at their fingertips. It offers a great deal of mobility to educational institutions as their accounts teams can manage finances with ease while being anywhere across the globe. 


Reduced Hardware Requirements

As of today, most enterprises prefer cloud-based accounting solutions as compared to their on-premise counterparts and educational institutions are no exception. The EdTech industry is following suit with business users and opting for cloud deployments when it comes to accounting and financial management. As a result, it significantly reduces the hardware dependency and brings significant cost-savings to the table. 


Effective Financial Tracking

Tracking and managing financial processes is crucial to successfully running an educational institution. Implementing an EdTech accounting software provides an effective way to track financial data and provide easy access to information. Besides, it provides powerful tools for financial reporting and real-time analytics. 


Easier Mode of Payment

The EdTech accounting software facilitates seamless payments for various courses and aids in processing fee payments for admission, enrollment, examination or other academic functions within the organization. Moreover, it automatically sends push notifications to validate bill payments made by students for various academic courses.


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These were some of the key benefits of developing custom accounting software and financial management solutions for the EdTech industry. In addition, it is equally important to choose the right software platform and tech stack to extract maximum benefits from the EdTech accounting software. Instead of purchasing an off-the-shelf software system, it is advisable to develop a custom application from scratch as it helps you gain complete control over the software and its features. 


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