Custom ERP Development For The Aviation Industry Using Odoo

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | May 2, 2021

The aviation industry had grown tremendously over the last decade, acting as an impetus for the world economy. Alas, the global spread of COVID-19 took its toll on the travel industry in 2020 with the aviation sector amongst the most affected areas. In the first quarter of 2020, the pandemic brought the industry to a standstill, causing massive job losses and retrenchments. Besides, the aviation authorities have been in utter ruckus while struggling to withstand a global health crisis that requires people to shelter in place. 


Custom ERP development for aviation management using Odoo

In 2021, with several vaccination programs in place, things are improving quickly as more people are traveling while also following the state regulations for air travel. Therefore, now is the opportune time for aviation companies to step up their game through custom ERP application development. Odoo, a popular ERP software platform, offers promising solutions to crackdown common problems prevalent in the aviation industry. 

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The Need For ERP In The Aviation Industry

Custom ERP development for aviation management enables airport authorities and ground staff to efficiently manage their routine operations with reduced manual strain. It provides a systematic approach to running operations in the aviation sector while streamlining sales, accounting, CRM, HRM, and supply chain management. More importantly, it significantly reduces operational costs and brings agility to routine aviation management processes. 


Custom ERP software development enabled several prominent airline companies to curtail their overhead costs and enhance operational efficiency. It further helped them gain better control over the airfares and manage fleet operations with more flexibility and transparency. Similarly, various aviation companies and airport authorities can benefit from custom ERP software solutions. Let’s move ahead and dig deeper into the benefits of custom ERP development for aviation management using Odoo. 


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Benefits of Custom ERP Development For Aviation Management Using Odoo

Odoo is one of the most sought-after ERP software platforms that offers an exhaustive range of custom ERP software solutions for diverse business use cases. Odoo has an extensive userbase spanning 4 million users worldwide and is considered one of the best software platforms for small-to-medium enterprises. Nevertheless, Odoo ERP development services are used by several fortune 500 companies as well. 


Human Resource Management

All major businesses in the aviation sector require immense manpower to handle operations at all levels. That said, managing employees and evaluating their performance could be a back-breaking task in the absence of a data-driven ERP system. Odoo ERP development provides aviation-based companies with a dedicated HRM module that takes care of critical tasks such as recruitment, leave/attendance tracking, performance monitoring, and shift management. 


Inventory and Supply Chain Management

Several aviation-based businesses rely heavily on inventory and supply chain processes for managing their internal processes. However, many such companies are still using traditional methods and outdated technologies to manage their SCM processes. Odoo provides effective automation tools to efficiently manage supply chain operations with reduced manual strain. At the same time, it provides a dedicated inventory module with advanced features such as inventory tracking, warehouse management, and radio frequency identification (RFID). 


Payroll and Accounting

Custom ERP software development for aviation management using Odoo offers complete support for financial management, accounting, and payroll processing. Aviation-based businesses can develop a custom payroll solution and link it with their HRM module to automate payroll processing. Similarly, developing an invoicing module would help accounts teams to generate custom invoicing at the end of the billing cycle. 


Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management is increasingly important for businesses in the aviation sector as they thrive on fulfilling their customers’ needs and expectations. Having a CRM software in place gives them the ease and flexibility to manage their customer service operations while also building healthy customer relationships. Odoo offers full-fledged CRM software solutions with 8+ dedicated modules for customer service management. Besides, custom ERP development for aviation management using Odoo gives you access to several business intelligence tools and data analytics features to capitalize on your customer data by improving sales and marketing activities. 


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Sales and Marketing Automation

As already mentioned, Odoo gives you access to BI tools and advanced data analytics features to gain valuable insights into business data. These tools help you extract meaningful information about your customers’ likes, preferences, and buying habits. As a result, it gives you the opportunity to optimize your sales and marketing campaigns to drive relevant leads and maximize conversions. 



These were some of the main benefits that aviation companies and airport authorities can avail through Odoo ERP development services. The best part about choosing Odoo for custom ERP software development is that it offers a great deal of flexibility and scalability. With Odoo ERP, you gain access to 35 dedicated software modules to efficiently manage different business verticals across industries. Aviation companies can use these modules to build a robust cloud infrastructure that would help them streamline their routine operations. Besides, they can easily integrate Odoo ERP modules with their existing software applications and distributed systems. 


We, at Oodles ERP, provide full-scale custom ERP software solutions development services using Odoo to address cross-industry business requirements. Our team uses Odoo to build enterprise-grade software solutions with a focus on enhancing business productivity. Visit our website to learn more about our Odoo ERP development services or drop us a line at [email protected].

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