CRM for Prestashop: Key Features and Benefits

Posted By : Aditi | January 22, 2019

CRM for Prestashop

CRM For Prestashop: An Overview

The convergence of the digital world will continue and those who conquer the new trends will be the market leaders. Combining e-commerce with CRM will give an extraordinarily powerful environment for business on the internet. The amazing combination of custom CRM development services and Prestashop brings a modern and fully automated model of customer relationship management for your e-commerce platform. In this blog, you will learn about CRM for Prestashop, its benefits and amazing features. Now, its time to grant your business the gift of satisfied customers and booming sales.


Let’s take a quick overview of CRM and Prestashop


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an approach to manage a company’s relationship and interactions with present and potential customers. This system help organizations to streamline processes, improve profitability and stay connected to existing and potential customers. It focusses on customer retention and encourages sales growth of the organization. The main motive of CRM software development services is to build long-lasting relationships with the customers.

 Some of the key benefits of CRM include:

  • Workflow automation
  • Better customer loyalty
  • Easy customer segmentation
  • Centralized social media interactions
  • Saves time and easy order management
  • Increases sales team performance
  • Optimizes your marketing



Prestashop is an open source e-commerce solution, which is currently used by more than 250,000 shops worldwide and is accessible in 65 different languages. It comes with more than 275 features to increase sales with minimal efforts. It is a rapidly growing platform with which you can create your e-commerce.

Here are some of the key benefits of Prestashop

  • Multi-language support
  • Upgrading version is not a big deal
  • Development cost is not much expensive
  • SEO friendly
  • Easy customizations
  • Easy to understand

Benefits of CRM for Prestashop

  • This module helps you to create notifications, add notes, manage mailboxes and upload files. In short, you enjoy the immense convenience.
  • Helps you to organize marketing activities into campaigns and follow-ups directed towards selected contacts.
  • The use of custom fields helps to collect all information about the customer in one swoop and then shape the profiles accordingly.
  • The module provides the option to easily migrate or back up the data between two platforms.
  • Relevant information on leads and graphs is depicted on statistical graphs.
  • It arranges leads and potentials in transparent catalogs, which makes it easy to handle statuses, accounts, and other essential things.


Key Features


1.) Module

  • It creates leads and converts contact type
  • It sends a mass e-mail to all the clients, contacts from chosen campaign and client groups.
  • Easily and quickly edits contact details
  • It assigns client account to contact
  • Easily creates and manages outgoing mailboxes
  • Observes dashboard containing incoming follow-ups
  • See logs concerning contact
  • It imports and exports contacts in chosen file formats: CSV, XSL, XSLX, ODS, and PDF.
  • It converts contact types between leads and potential


2.) Follow-Up

  • Notifies administration via email
  • There are three types of notifications; now, on follow-up date and before the follow-up date.
  • Uses email template or place a custom message
  • It defines included administrators per notification type
  • Easier determination of follow-up


3.) Campaign

  • It creates a campaign and defines its duration.
  • Uses filters to assign leads to campaign
  • It displays dashboard per campaign.
  • Inside of assigned lead profile, there is a campaign description.
  • Manually assigns campaigns


4.) Module Settings

  • Creates CRM email templates
  • Observes module status
  • Temporary and permanent notifications for administrators is defined.
  • Defines if administrators need to acknowledge notifications
  • It defines personal settings
  • Configure default visibility of leads and potentials
  • It defines custom contact type; visibility on navigation, color or icon.
  • It creates field groups and custom fields.

Let’s Wrap it Up

Think different, be different. CRM for Prestashop will surely help your business to reach new heights. And not to forget, if your customers are happy and satisfied, then growth and success are guaranteed.


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