Developing Next-Gen Corporate LMS Software For Business Success

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | March 21, 2022

Learning management systems are gradually becoming a crucial part of business development strategies in the corporate sector. Corporate LMS systems have gained significant traction over recent years owing to the unique set of benefits they deliver to enterprises. That said, developing custom LMS software could be of greater significance for cross-industry enterprises as they are designed to enhance employee training programs with improved efficacy. 

Corporate LMS systems could be beneficial to both SMBs and large-scale enterprises regardless of their underlying industries. While it facilitates seamless knowledge transfers for SMBs, large-scale enterprises may use corporate LMS systems to train employees in various departments, offices, or different subsidiaries. Here, we shall explore the key features and benefits of corporate LMS software development but first let’s talk about the significance of corporate LMS. 

Corporate LMS For Business Success


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What Is Corporate LMS Software?

Corporate LMS refers to the software system that is designed to deliver online learning content to employees and corporate staff. From inducting staff at various positions in an organization to conducting productive knowledge sessions and employee training programs, corporate LMS takes care of everything in between. In doing so, it enables organizations to truncate their overhead costs and brings significant cost-savings to the table. Above all, it gives them the opportunity to train their employees at different locations at zero additional costs. In the following section, we shall delve into the key features of corporate LMS software development


Corporate LMS: Key Features At a Glance

LMS, as we know, brings a great deal of benefits to enterprises operating in the corporate sector. Below are the key features of a corporate LMS software that enterprises must consider. 


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Learning Content Management

Corporate LMS software must provide comprehensive support for learning content management. It enables enterprises to gain complete control over the courses and training programs being delivered to their employees. They can easily upload new courses and manage existing courses while also keeping close tabs on the learning curves of different users. 


eLearning Administration

LMS software development for the corporate sector must focus on creating personalized learning content for different segments of corporate users. Enterprises can easily add/remove users and assign different roles to them as per project requirements. At the same time, it helps them track and assess how a particular group of users is performing at any given time. 


Mobile Learning

An ideal corporate LMS system must be accessible to employees at any given time, even after working hours. That said, the LMS software has to be mobile-friendly to ensure that it is easily accessible across any device, at any time. The modern-day LMS systems also have social media integration to enhance the learning experience of students across mobile devices. 


Certification Management

It is yet another crucial feature that a corporate LMS software delivers to enterprises. Certification management is an essential feature that helps validate course completions and training programs attended by various employees. 


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An ATD survey reveals that around 83 percent of organizations were already using LMS software for corporate training in 2019. Seeing the current trends, the worldwide corporate LMS market is likely to soar up to $50 billion by 2026. That said, it is an opportune time for enterprises to invest in LMS software development to accelerate their business growth by delivering productive learning sessions to employees. According to business training experts (BTE), implementing custom LMS systems in the corporate sector may help enterprises boost their income per employee by up to 218 percent. At the same time, their profit margin may increase by up to 24 percent as compared to their non-LMS competitors. 


Why Choose Oodles ERP For Corporate LMS Software Development?

We, at Oodles, provide 360-degree enterprise software solutions for diverse business needs of our clients. Our seasoned developers specialize in building custom LMS software solutions for cross-industry business requirements as well as the EdTech industry. Our custom LMS software development services are conducive to improving corporate performance by facilitating productive knowledge sessions and training programs. We use open-source software platforms to build scalable LMS systems for the varying industry-specific needs of our clients. Our development team carefully analyzes your business requirements, challenges and formulate effective software execution strategies for their timely redressal. To learn more about our LMS software development services, reach out at [email protected].

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