Essential Checklist For ERP Implementation

Posted By : Suraj Mishra | January 6, 2020

ERP implementation

Choosing the right ERP implementation software maybe a bit challenging.. The businesses many counter with many challenges including data quality, technical, managerial and the psychological aspects. Therefore it’s greatly advised that you simply keep your ERP implementation in strict control and never proceed with unwanted undertakings. Also, it’s advocated that the business choose certain checklists before starting the ERP implementation. 

Remember, a well-executed ERP implementation assuredly promises business efficiency and provides you unlimited business reaps. However, a wrong ERP implementation is often a spoiler spot bloating your company with only losses. We are an ERP development company that provides ERP consulting, implementing, integration and development services to enable businesses to streamline and automate routine tasks.  

Today ERP has become an inevitable part of the business because it helps in streamlining the whole operations and ensuring productivity in large volumes. With automation of ERP, an outsized number of manual undertakings within the business have significantly gone down and there’s increased collaboration and coordination among the business departments. The speedy and quick conduction of business tasks has narrowed down the executive burdens of the business managers, helping them to focus more on their sales, marketing, and other strategic business developments. Thus, in short, ERP may be a blessing to the business organizations to combat rising challenges, adhering to compliances.

However, implementing an ERP comes alongside numerous business challenges. Have a look before heading to ERP implementation checklists. 


ERP Implementation Challenges

Selection Challenge: 

When choosing to possess an ERP implementation at your business end, the premier or the foremost inquiry to spring up in the heads of supervisors and CEOs is the type of ERP, scope, scalability, and budget. Hundreds of thoughts keep pondering whether the ERP implementation will come right for the business, will it suit the organization’s spending limit, inclinations, and industry requirements. Therefore practice good research to settle on the simplest ERP matching your business requirement. Do not rush in making the ERP choice. Remember ERP implementation approach saves businesses from remorse. 

Technical Challenge: 

Once you bought over with the choice challenge, you’re soon to be followed with technical. You may got to revamp your server, workstation to assure the compatibility with the soon to be implemented ERP application. However, with the right ERP implementation partner, the things could be figure out faster.  

Data Quality Challenges: 

There comes an outsized obstacle, information created through heritage framework probably not compatible with the new ERP framework that’s designed. However, meticulous project planning helps in evading the tussle between the heritage ERP framework and therefore the newly coined ERP. 

Managerial Challenges: 

ERP execution triggers significant changes within the business directs, model and practices. With another ERP framework found out, data entered by one user is quickly accessible to different others which too in real-time. This incredibly lifts the role of the responsibilities of the users. 

Meanwhile, there comes the need to implement new administrative practices and standards. Likewise, steps need to be taken to redo or update existing practices and make them perfect with the new ERP framework. 

Psychological challenges:

This is yet another hurdle with ERP implementation. Your organization will be a mix of heterogeneous employee communities, with few open to changes and few resistant. Therefore, when it involves an ERP implementation, you’ll see many disinterested faces. So how do you overcome this challenge? No big deal. Make all of your employees a neighborhood of this ERP implementation. Take suggestions from them regarding the requirements and needs. This not only helps in making the proper ERP choices but also encouraging the workers to quickly adopt the software and become compatible with the new application. 

 Checklists for ERP implementation  

A) A robust team to execute an ERP implementation project. 

B) Documentation of current business processes, common problems, and missed opportunities. 3. Defining the precise requirements and functionality needed within the application. 

C) Specifying clearly the goals and objectives of ERP implementation. 

D) Setting a proper timeline and budget. 

E) Determining key performance indicators and desired results. 

F) Making a blueprint of how a replacement framework will behave in various business departments. 

G) Migration Review 

H) Removing out-of-date information. 

I) Placing new databases, mapping database fields among new and old. 

J) Testing interfaces, functionality and reports with real-life scenarios and transaction data. 

K) Developing a transparent educational program, thoroughly onboard the trainers and start training users. 

L) Assuring the participation of users and taking their feedback to form changes within the application. 

M) Prioritize every business department and key operations.

Investing in ERP implementation will enable businesses to accelerate their customer service deliveries, keep data organized and increase the overall efficiency of business operations. At Oodles ERP, we provide ERP implementation services to cater to specific business requirements. 

Get in touch with our development team to know more about our ERP Implementation and development services!

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