Evaluating the Benefits of eCommerce ERP Integration

Posted By : pranav.kakkar | December 23, 2019

eCommerce ERP Integration

eCommerce ERP integration is the coordination between a company’s eCommerce website and back-end accounting and inventory (ERP) system. Correct integration enables the flow knowledge bidirectionally between the 2 systems which means data solely must be entered into the system once.

We are an ERP development company that implements, integrates and customizes ERP solutions to streamline business operations. Our integration services provide end-to-end visibility and control of business operations. 


Key Advantages of eCommerce ERP Integration for B2B Businesses 

Many businesses opt to totally integrate each system because it means that inventory and valuation data is accessible to customers and employees in a period of time.

With the increase in demands for products, the requirement for extra employees to manage transactions is reduced.

Integrating your eCommerce sales channels along with your ERP system enables you to control additional expeditiously as a business in many key ways.

Your main kinds of knowledge – order, inventory, item, client and shipping/tracking – are communicated between your once freelance systems.


Disadvantages of Manual Processes

When your eCommerce and different digital ordering processes don’t seem to be automatic, mistakes are commonplace.

* Shipping addresses will be entered wrong

* Incorrect inventory levels will result in overselling

* Product data might be incomplete, incorrect, or maybe missing

* Ultimately, once two-way integration isn’t in situ, your entire end-to-end client expertise is at stake


What to expect from an eCommerce ERP Integration?

If you would like to achieve success online and continue with augmented demand for digital ordering practicality, your eCommerce strategy ought to embrace integration to your ERP, account, and inventory software package.

The customers will access their accounts online 24/7 that additionally means that they will read their account data while not contacting you directly. Data on their order history, their invoices, real-time value and therefore the real-time stock obtainable to them will all be checked on-line.


Six Massive Edges of eCommerce ERP Integration

a) Reduce manual entry to save lots of time and increase output whereas reducing errors, once getting into order, inventory, item, client and shipping knowledge.

b) Streamline inventory synchronization, track updates, and supply correct inventory levels to customers, while not hiring employees to manage these tasks.

c) Automatic notifications for patrons once orders are shipped and permit them to trace the delivery of the product.

d) Simplify, however, you manage value and product changes to inventory.

e) The flexibility to feature multiple on-line (web-stores and marketplaces) and offline (brick & mortar) sales channels, while not losing operational potency.

f) Handle augmented demand in on-line orders while not the necessity to feature further resources to cater for it!

The benefits of ERP eCommerce integration are immense if the integration process is done the right way. Its time that businesses comprehend these benefits and adopt them to achieve organizational objectives. At Oodles ERP, we provide ERP integration services to execute end-to-end outbound and inbound data flows. 

If you are need of a robust ERP software for successfully running your eCommerce business, get in touch with our ERP development team.

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