Why Manual Testing is still Important

Posted By : Rahul Singh | 30-Sep-2020

manual testing


Why Manual Testing Is Still Important


The demand for automation testing is increasing day by day to speed up the QA process which replaces manual testing. However, manual testing still has it's role in the QA process.

In this article let's take a look at some of the reasons why manual testing is still important.

1. Human Perspective

The application is created by humans, for the humans so human perspective is very important to use it in the real world. Human testers can pick up the visual issues which scripts can't pick up. Human perspective is very important to identify the bugs. By automated test scripts we can't spot contextual bugs and the usability of the application for the end user needs human interaction.


2. Exploratory Testing

This type of testing can be done manually, it helps the tester to see the bigger picture and helps in understanding the project just by exploring it. it helps the tester to find the answers like "what if i try this?".


3. Understand the real world problem

Manual testing helps to understand the problems in the software on a very basic and conceptual level in which human understanding and emotions are involved. an application is going to be used by different kinds of people and they are going to run and check different functionalities that could uncover UX issues, Design issues, critical bugs and so on.


4. Automated tests can contains errors

Automated test scripts can also have bugs, as the code can have bugs. Manual testing can help us to find the least obvious bugs.


5. 100% Automation is not possible

If someone says he wants to do 100% automated testing is like saying he wants 100% defect free software which is impossible. 



In today's world, testing is very important before releasing it to the real world and it has a very important part to play in software development. it is required for an effective performance of software application or product. A comprehensive testing will include both manual and automated methods in the testing.


At Oodles ERP, we provide end-to-end ERP software development services that also include holistic software testing. We have a team of experienced QA engineers that specializes in performing a variety of software testing techniques to detect bugs and software glitches. Our custom ERP application development services include full-scale web and mobile app testing to render bug-free app performance across devices.









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