What is Angular Framework and its benefit

Posted By : Manpreet Singh | 29-Sep-2021

Angular Framework


Angular Framework

Angular is a front-end framework in which we can use HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, SASS, SCSS, Typescript, etc. Easily create a one-page website without refreshing the whole page again and again which is the major advantage to use this framework. It basically makes a web application faster as compared to the previous basic template website and it's used for a one-page website so that page can't be loaded again and again when any new request for the web pages.



Light Weight and Faster

Mostly in these days angular framework and react library is the top framework which is mostly used.


Typescript is used by the angular which makes it easier to identify the errors and makes the application more lightweight so these help the developers to write the code more efficiently without worrying about the errors. By using Typescript, the first thing which needs to be understood is that typescript always converts in Javascript before executing the code on the web browser.



Its components can be created easily and easy to understand for the developer codewise it also very clear every single component or sub-component can be used to link each other using the RouterModule which helps to link the other page where it will navigate and in the routing module we need to specify the all components name in its corresponding module and all these module entries must need to provide in the main app module so that it can be configured and identify by the other components.



Whenever SASS or SCSS is used for the UI designing, it's always better than using CSS because there is also exist the relation of the parent class and child class so its code length decreases, making this sass file more efficient and also taking less time to render it's the preprocessor which can be used in the angular applications.



Angular and Some Other Framework

Angular is the wide as compared to React because React is a library that uses a different library of Javascript and on the other hand, Angular is a framework itself that has its own built-in components by which we can create a whole web application without using any other third party library but it’s always preferred to use some component of priming or material UI of the Angular which is inbuilt in this framework to make our web application more modern and attractive user interface so that anything wants to stay on the website as much as possible.


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