What Are Terms and Why The Video Streaming Test Is Important

Posted By : Pooja Kumari | 23-May-2022


As a user, you expect to feel flawless without interruptions no matter what service or platform you are on. What is expected means that businesses provide content, the goal is higher, and the risk of entry for subscribers is greater.

The goal is to bring it as close to perfection as possible and testing video streaming is an important part of that strategy. However, understanding what you can control in live streaming tests is important in understanding how to deal with problems.

Why Examine Your Broadcast Platform Before Heading To Viewers?

The quality of playback and the delivery of seamless content is what creates a good user experience. Now to spread the word, your forum must:

  1. Able to manage large internet traffic
  2. Distribute data seamlessly under slow network conditions
  3. Stable and unbreakable
  4. It works on all devices without any hassle problems
  5. Stream without browser compatibility issues when used on desktop

Let's look at some common failures that we can test.

Top 10 Reasons to Use Video Streaming Testing

1. Storage in excess capacity

2. Scheduled ads do not play

3. Failed to return to video after ad replay

4. Device position

5. Scrub (Undo / Forward) does not work

6. Closed captions do not show

7. Incorrect video games

8. Invalid metadata indicators

9. Poor video: Other tests can be done to ensure that the content meets the highest delivery capabilities, but depending on the many variables, gaining and measuring video quality can be challenging if not based on user behavior.

10. Bad audio quality: The same video quality theme can also be used for audio.

Approach To Video Streaming Testing

  • Explore Engineering Work and Features

We specialize in translating your specifications into functional test cases that utilize all the features of your system.

  • Platform Expert

We test your software on many OTT platforms: Android TVs, AppleTV Generations 2/3/4, Roku, FireTV, Xbox360, and more.

  • High Video Performance

Make sure your video playback is smooth with high image quality, compliant with available bandwidth, and recovers from network interruptions.

  • Testing From a User’s Perspective

We will ensure that live streaming access, audio track synchronization and split, and user pause, restart, and require all seamless functionality.

This method of testing video streaming generates a wide range of test cases from performance specifications to verify all product features including:

  • Accurate verification of design specifications against actual application features.
  • A case-control program that addresses all aspects of complex performance requirements.
  • Test deployment over a wide range of OS / platform combinations to ensure performance is guaranteed in software and at the system level.
  • Immediate reporting of test results through test management and error tracking system.
  • Integrated defect regression testing

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