UAT in ERP Softwares Solutions

Posted By : Aarushi Sharma | 30-Jul-2020

UAt in ERP softwares


User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is the last phase of software testing after Unit, Integration, and System testing. 

While developers can make propelled ERP applications, they are not the end-client. This is the reason UAT should be finished by the customer or the individual who will use the product, to experience it from a client's point of view. With regards to ERP applications, this step is urgent, as the product can be amazingly client explicit.


Advantages of Implementing UAT in ERP Software Solutions

1.User Involvement through testing:

  • End-users will see precisely what the required output for an application is. Then again, developers will code dependent on their understanding of the requirements. This can bring about discrepancies between the drafted requirement and vision for the final product.
  • Getting the customer or end-users associated with testing the product implies that there will be bugs on it before the application is conveyed into the production. Remember that this step will happen in the end, so it is ideal to run controlled testing as opposed to dealing with complaints from the live system.

2.Advances Adoption of the Software 

  • One of the significant issues with the ERP application development is the lack of adoption of the product. This is the reason it is so essential to get the clients’ approval before the application goes live. Not exclusively will UAT help to streamline any possible issues with the ERP programming, yet it will likewise help with simpler progress into using the program by permitting clients to get a handle on the ERP item. 
  • ERP programming can be explicitly structured towards various parts of different activities. By getting users included, it can assist them with fine tuning the product to their necessities to advance better commitment and adoption.


When moving ERP software solutions or introducing new projects with tasks, it is important to understand end-client engagement appropriately. This is the place where UAT comes in as a necessary step.

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