The Importance of GIT For Developers

Posted By : Akash Nagar | 31-May-2022


What Is GIT ?

 Git is a type of version control system used to maintain code that is used by the developers all around the world. Git was developed by Linus Torvalds in the year 2005 , he is the same guy who developed Linux Operating system back in the 1991.Git is a open source platform so it’s free and the code for git is public. With the help of git , developers can easily track changes to their files.


More about GIT :-


Git is a distributed version control system which means every developer has a copy of the code and can track history of the changes made to the code , it stores the details about what changes had been done to the code,by whom & at what time , which makes the co-ordination of the developers smooth.


In the earlier days when Git was not developed , it was a messy task for programmers to save their code and progress & maintain the different versions of application, but with the use of Git, several developers/team members can work on a single project without any worry about how to mutually share their code files. In git basically every team member writes codes in their system & each member then with the help of Git create a new branch and pushes their code into it in the online repository Like GitHub/GitLab & then finally code of every member is merged i.e different branches of developers are merged into the single main branch or called the master branch, after that every member takes pull from the main branch with the help of Git Commands and updates their branch to the latest version.


GitHub & GitLab :-


Git is a version control system that lets you manage and keep track of your source code history while GitHub is a cloud-based hosting service that lets you manage Git repositories.For Git to function , we must have an account on online git repository sites like GitHub , GitLab etc. In GitHub we can store online repositories,GitHub has both public and private repositories,While public repository is free, private repository is sold by GitHub and is a source of money for GitHub.


Like Git , GitHub is also open source that means developers around the globe can contribute to the development and maintenance of GitHUb


Some features of Git are :-

1. File tracking

2. Developers can create branch & push their codes in it

3. we can easily revert back changes if we want

4. we can merge branches of code of different developers and saves the time of developers

5. Systematic arrangement of the code

6.  Proper History of the file changes


Basic Commands Of Git

1. git --version

2. git init

3. git clone

4. git add

5. git commit

6. git push

7. git pull

8. git status


However, with the help of modern code editors like VS Code , we do not require to write commands on terminal , we can directly do it via the code editor with some simple clicks.


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