Project Management Using Jira

Posted By : Meenakshi Koul | 29-Sep-2021

Project Management Using Jira


Jira Software is mostly used for project management, i.e. with the help of the Jira tool, we can create tasks for our project and members of our team to work on and can add its details, its due dates, and also reminders.


We can make subtasks to break larger work into a smaller number of tasks. Other members of the team can also see the task to can also track its progress and can update and notify after the completion of the particular task.


In the Jira tool, we can also create sub-tasks in the main task to for making it into parts.


All the tasks are created using Jira Tools and all tasks are linked with its Epic with the help of the Jira tool we can maintain the


1. Hierarchy of issues.

2. Custom fields can be made in this

3. Subtasks can be created

4. Task can be linked with the stories or epics

5. Task status also can be maintained.


Stories: These are also called the “user stories,” which are short requirements in written from the end-user view. In an agile methodology, stories are something the team will have to finish in a one- or two-week i.e in one sprint.


Epic: are larger work that is maintained into smaller tasks (called stories).

A series of related and interdependent stories make an epic where the completion of stories related to one particular epic leads to the completion of an epic. All the tasks are created using Jira Tools and all tasks are linked with its Epic.

In the Jira tool for project management, We can Set a due date for issues if required. We can attach the screenshots or pictures related to the task so that the assignee can find it easy to understand the task. Priorities are also marked so that team gets to know what is the priority of a particular task.


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