Pointing the Features of Odoo eCommerce Module

Posted By : Harshita Tiwari | 29-May-2020

 Odoo eCommerce Module

Odoo eCommerce module offers you to easy Odoo development service for your website. Basically, once you have downloaded it onto your existing Odoo system it will integrate with the rest of the Odoo ERP platform so that you have a proper shipping integration & payment integration and More.

The available features of the eCommerce module-

  1. Website Builder: Using Odoo eCommerce, website building is very simple. You just need to drag & drop the building blocks onto our website. You can also add different Animations & Styles into your website. Odoo eCommerce will run the code in the background so that you can set background color & image within the page itself. All the changes made to your website will be instantly viewed in mobile preview. One can drag & drop banners, images, slides, call to actions,  text blocks & more. Odoo website builder can create & edit your products and when everything is synced and integrated the data from your inventories will also be improved.



  1. Product Management: Odoo eCommerce provides us to manage our products and manage their inventory for your eCommerce store. Enhancement and Resizing of product images done by Odoo automatically. Either you can add products one by one or you can bulk import all products from an Excel CSV file.



  1. Shipping Methods: Track your order from Odoo and speed up your shipping process using DHL, UPS, USPS, and FedEx shipping connectors.
  2. Multiple Languages: Odoo provides us the feature for multiple languages translation for your website.



  1. Payment Methods: In Odoo you can find many apps for any payment provider. It is obvious that if you are selling something that you give the freedom to your customer to make payment by the payment method they want. Using Odoo you can make payment using Wire transfer and using any other payment options like Stripe, Paypal, Alipay, PayUmoney, and Buckaroo. Moreover, you can add or install other payment methods by your choice.


  1. Automatic Taxes: Odoo automatically handles the country and states tax rate using Fiscal position. The fiscal position is automatically created according to your localization in the backend.
  2. Checkout Process: After adding your products into your cart the process of checkout is at one click of the button. So you need to Review your cart, Add your Billing & shipping addresses and make payment after clicking on the Pay Now button.



  1. The Cross-selling Feature: The cross-selling Algorithm of Odoo allows us to display related products while purchasing which results in the upselling income of the eCommerce site.
  2. Analyze your Performance with Google Analytics: By enabling Google analytics into your Odoo system it will analyze the business performance of your eCommerce site.
  3. Live Chat:  Odoo Live feature makes communication easier with real-time users. By using Live chat you can reply them back instantly instead of making them wait for a response through the mail.


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