Managing Customer Relations with Odoo CRM

Posted By : Sahil Dwivedi | 29-Jan-2019

odoo crm

A CRM package provides 360-degree client analysis. It tracks the purchasers shopping habits, order history, and their basic requirements. A completely integrated CRM package permits employees access to essential information including inventory levels, shipments, client financials, order history, returns, and payments. With a CRM package, a sales team would be secure with increased visibility concerning the order standing updates for his or her customers and simple access to creating any longer changes. Let’s explore how businesses are managing their customer relations with Odoo CRM. 


Odoo is an open-source platform that caters to each business management function like Human Resource, Client Relations, Sales, Purchase, Accounting, and Inventory.

It has a wide range of functionalities including Quotation Templates, eSignature, on-line Payment, Invoicing, client Portal, Shipper Integration, Leads following, and Social Network Integration,


At Oodles, we provide Odoo integration services to redefine scalability and enhance customer satisfaction. Our development team develops custom solutions to streamline and automate business operations. 


Functionalities of Odoo CRM  

  • Priorities activities: Priorities the follow-up activities in a very pipeline and meet your targets with efficiency 
  • Track your sales activities: Track the sales stages additional simply via a sales pipeline Kanban read.
  • Schedule conferences: Schedule conferences directly from the chance of the client
  • Dashboards: Get all the required details of in progress and done business activities in your Dashboard
  • Get in grips with customers: Maintain Communication with customers via email, phone, chat, and social media from at intervals your Odoo CRM.
  • Leads Promotion: Begin a campaign by causation auto-generated emails to customers in Leads. Assign a salesman to follow the lead and vend.
  • Opportunities Analysis: Test your opportunities pipeline with advanced filters, grouping, drill down.
  • Lead marking: Score your leads supported express and implicit criteria and choose that lead satisfies the benchmark to become a chance.
  • Bespoke Alerts: Set custom alerts for opportunities supported some activities
  • Analyze the opportunity lost: Analyze the explanations behind the loss of opportunities and improve your sales potency.
  • GeoIP: Notice countries, states, and cities lead mechanically from your traveler information science address.
  • Modify routines and target sales: Modify routine business activities, don’t waste time to take care of information.


Key Functionalities of Odoo CRM


1) Lead Management :


For any company, Lead generation is incredibly crucial because it collects the relevant information square measure regarding their potential customers. One of the prime options of Odoo CRM is its lead management. It will enable businesses to manage all the leads generated from varied users at varied intervals. Associate in Nursing Odoo Open ERP CRM any converts these leads into chance and an Account. In short, Odoo CRM automates each lead generation method, timely share the pertinent info across the groups and crucially analyze the sales processes.

Creating lead is straightforward with few steps in Odoo. first, change the choice of the lead from the settings.

Sales -> Configuration -> Settings

Here one will either choose a client or add a replacement client and link to the lead. All data’s relating to your customers like email, contact name, job position, mobile, phone, and fax are often per the several fields here, providing the users with a whole summary of the potential customers. 

Odoo CRM is embedded with multiple lead generation choices. Businesses can generate leads from Incoming Mails in Odoo CRM. In Odoo, every one of your sales groups is coupled to its own email address. Businesses can simply put together this E-mail for generating the leads mechanically. 


2) Opportunities management:


With Odoo CRM, businesses can simply track the opportunities happening at intervals varied stages and correspondingly schedule conferences and phone calls with relevance opportunities. Odoo CRM enables businesses to arrange the sequence of activities perchance. It logs each activity happening at intervals the opportunity's chatter with predefined actions. Odoo CRM additionally provides a chance pipeline summary, obtaining the correct forecasts and insights for creating smarter choices.


Let us see however Odoo CRM with efficiency manages the opportunities returning at intervals. 


Businesses can efficiently manage the opportunities with the ‘Drag and drop’ functionality of Odoo.  It permits to alter the standing or stage of a chance by merely dragging from one stage to a different. Compared to different CRM package Odoo CRM works quicker with drag & drop interfaces, putting in place specific stages for every sales team. 

Also, Odoo CRM opens to the likelihood of making sub-stages for higher organizing the business processes. It additionally archives mechanically, the lost opportunities. 


3) Meeting Management:


With Odoo CRM, businesses can efficiently manage and schedule each shopper conference with the shoppers in a very single click. Odoo CRM schedules conferences from the chance of client and later adjust with mobile phones and Google calendar. 

With Odoo CRM, Businesses will seamlessly conduct conferences, invite individuals to affix and have a summary of the agenda. Each information is formed visible in a very single read in Odoo ERP serving to the tip used to set up conferences within the most fitting time. Odoo CRM’s synchronization with Google calendar initiates freedom and suppleness in completing the communication processes. It helps in achieving the summary of each business and private conferences. 


Odoo CRM additionally sends invites and track attendees. It makes the entire method of planning and coming up with conferences easier and seamless by permitting you to ask individuals to conferences, conference calls or similar events and later track their responses. All Invited users square measure sent Associate in a Nursing email, that they'll either settle for or decline in one easy click. Odoo CRM permits to visualize all the shopper responses directly within the meeting details.


4) Economical coverage:


Odoo reports facilitate a higher understanding of the company's strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. It showcases the trends and forecasts for key metrics like the number of opportunities and their expected revenue over time, the shut rate by the team or the length on the far side these obvious following sales funnel metrics, their square measure another KPIs which will be terribly valuable to your company once it involves deciding sales funnel success.


Odoo sales report permits you to access the funnel performance from the Sales module. The report teams all of your opportunities by stage and expected revenues for the present month. This report is ideal for the Sales Manager to sporadically review the sales pipeline with the relevant sales groups. just by accessing this basic report, you'll be able to get a fast summary of your actual sales performance.


We are an ERP development company that provides Odoo customization services to meet diverse business requirements. Our developers are skilled in Odoo versions 11 and 12 and provide customized solutions that enable businesses to efficiently manage their customer relations. 


Connect with our ERP development team to know more!


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