Important considerations for testing smart television applications

Posted By : Pooja Kumari | 31-Dec-2021


Smart TV apps are finding a new competitive edge for media businesses and content carriers. This unprecedented space offers ample opportunities these days, yet it is also full of challenges - now not only the best in the development segment, but also a unique guarantee.


Design Variations Amongst Mobile and Smart TV Apps

Design-wise, one of the most evident differences is the scale of the display and icons. This affects the format of the utility. tv applications are typically displayed on large-size displays, generally with a sixteen:9 element ratio, which calls for the software to properly scale its factors of the interface to cause them to be clear and smooth to examine.

Then again, mobile applications are committed to an awful lot smaller gadgets with exceptional aspect ratios, where the application interface factors are typically displayed in a vertical orientation. This influences how the application is tested.


Important Considerations For Testing Smart Television Applications?


Testing smart television apps is a complicated system because of the sheer range of companies, models, and operating systems to be had in the marketplace. It is vital for app builders to get their utility examined for the specific version, platform and running system. here are a couple of precise practices for testing clever television packages:


  • Use Manual Testing - Emulators are readily available in experimental smart tv applications because it is not always possible to test all types of smart TVs as they are very expensive. However, there are no system-specific emulators like ROKU, and emulators of other systems will not direct testing to all operations.
  • Test different video formats– to make things even greater complicated, trying out should also cover the guide for specific video codecs across many exceptional gadgets. This entails checking out content across numerous brands, year and model companies, encryption answers, playback or participant capabilities like subtitles and internet connectivity specifications.
  • Test for bad network – most smart tv apps are designed to connect with the net while this isn't the case for mobile apps. Testers generally tend to overlook eventualities where network connectivity is bad – the app freezes or closes . Testers want to test those use instances so that the right error messages are displayed in case of low network connectivity.
  • Test for specific resolutions – an app may fit high-quality on one smart tv with a selected resolution and freeze on any other as smart TVs now do not guide pixel CSS.
  • Test usability – Navigation in smart television apps should be simple and easy to apprehend.
  • visual rendering ought to be of high best, sharp (alignment and spacing ought to be taken into consideration) and must regulate as according to the display length to be had and resolution must be optimum.
  • Loading and buffering have to be indicated through the loading indicator
  • seek must allow enriched browsing and content discovery.



Content material companies, IT firms and tv manufacturers are growing investments in smart television packages. For streaming structures, how the tv app is designed and the way nicely it performs can make or ruin its achievement. Poorly acting apps fail to have interaction with customers, don’t inspire subscriptions and feature a bad effect on the emblem’s image. This most effectively indicates that checking out television apps is a large deal and shouldn’t be overlooked – exhaustively taking a look at instances should be advanced for all smart tv structures, and complexities must be described.


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