Enhancing ERP with Machine learning and AI

Posted By : Rahul Bora | 31-Jul-2020

Enhancing ERP with Machine learning and AI


Nowadays organizations require systems that manage their entire production cycle on a few clicks and taps. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have revolutionized the way software operates and functions making automation of supply chain processes achievable. 


The ERP software solutions available in the market today is very different from their counterparts used 2-3 years back. The newer, enhanced versions can handle immense data and streamline the production models based on real-time data. In the sections below, we are going to discuss how ERP software has been enhanced by Machine learning and AI.


1. Automating processes:


We know that in every organization, there are certain tasks performed regularly by the employees, and sometimes these tasks are also repetitive. Such tasks can be automated and streamlined by implementing various machine learning models rather than training a single or number of persons to do so. 

ERP software embedded with Machine learning and AI saves various resources of the company i.e., manpower, time, and money. Organizations can use their resources more effectively as well as better their employee management.


2. Extracting information from immense data:


Data plays a vital role in extracting information about organizations, processes and customer behaviors. The biggest challenge for any organization is to make sense from that immense data and draw useful conclusions from it.

Here AI comes into play and provides major relief as this data is fed to powerful AI algorithms  that identify patterns in the organization’s workflow and operations which are almost invisible. This streamlines the production process based on real-time data to meet the demands of the market.


3. Identifying customers and providing enhanced marketing solutions:


AI helps in finding the target audience by discovering market opportunities and the customer segment. It helps in deriving useful customer insights like the personal information and interest of the customers such as their age, gender, buying behavior, likes/dislikes, etc. This data helps the organization to find out what their customers are looking for even before they buy anything. AI embedded ERP helps the marketing and sales departments to grab the new opportunities in new markets and improve the company’s revenue and scope in the market.



Machine learning and AI are in increasing demand and are expected to grow tremendously in the next 5 years. Many companies that focus on the future and ahead of the curve have already started upgrading their existing ERP and manufacturing software by embedding Machine learning and AI to step ahead from the competition and grab new opportunities in the new market of the future.


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