Document Management In an ERP System

Posted By : Rahul Bora | 30-Sep-2020


ERP systems are not only end to end management but also act as a central repository for documents, notes, media and communication for the whole company. Usually when an organization deals with their client, there are lots of documents, invoices, notes etc. So it’s a cumbersome process to take care of these documents because even if they all are stored online at one place, they might not be accessible to anyone which results in a communication gap.
Document management in an ERP system allows you to deal with such problems by acting as a central document management system and  converts  offices to paperless offices. It provides flexible and smooth access to information.

Benefits of having a Document Management System:
1. Saves money and time:

  • Reduces the paperwork and hence restricts the access for the documents to the employees who don't belong to a particular process.
  • OCR and Barcodes readers make the filling of documents easier and fast.
  • Saves money by reducing the paperwork as less paper means less toner, postage, and printer costs. 
  • Everything is handled digitally so it takes less time to find  filing, re-filing, and delivering documents.

2. Provides Visibility: 

  • Every document is managed in a central location which makes the file visible to every user who is authorized to view the file. Employees of departments can request for a file and they can get immediate access to what they need.
  • Each owner of a document knows with whom their files are shared with. They can revoke access anytime.

3. Increase speed and efficiency:

  • When papers are moved out of the way, processing of tasks becomes faster by applying automations which surely increases the speed of the business process in the organization.
  • The automations processes which come with the document management solutions enhance the quality of work and employees can focus on their work instead of wasting their time on looking for documents needed.

4. Security:

  • An Electronic document management system keeps paperless documents private by setting up permission settings for each user and defining whether a staff of other departments has view, edit, or create documents permissions.
  • It also provides password protection, defines user rights and security in terms of employee mapping.

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