Deciding Factors when opting Cloud Based ERP software solutions

Posted By : Bhuvan Deshwal | 23-Jul-2020

Cloud based erp software solutions


Cloud-based ERP software solutions is essentially a suite of ERP software provided to users over the Internet, typically accessible through a regular web browser. Although these softwares share most features with “on-premise ” ERP softwares (ERP programs that run on in-house servers), there are some important areas we should recognize when considering the advantages and disadvantages of buying a cloud-based ERP vs On-the-spot softwares. The suitable choice will finally depend on the structure and business strategy of the organisation.


Benefits of Cloud-based ERP softwares solutions

1.Facility to deploy: Cloud-based ERP softwares solutions are quicker to deploy than on-premise ERP softwares. The cloud technology technical environment is configurable in as little as 24 hours.

2.Limited "in-house" IT resources: We never hear from businesses where IT is searching for things to do. The vendor takes care of hosting the software as well as the support for cloud-based applications, so there is no need to recruit and train additional IT staff.

3.Scalability: One of the most appealing aspects of any cloud-based ERP is the ability to scale easily as the business needs change. For an on-premise device, upgrading and scaling is a time- and labor-intensive operation.

4.Mobility and Information Access: Mobile devices are now firmly integrated as an essential business tool. Where on-premise ERP software has been slow to adapt to the mobile world, cloud-based software enables sophisticated access and control via mobile devices enabled by ERP.

5.End User Adoption: Cloud technology usually has state-of-the-art user interfaces that make them simpler to implement than on-premise applications, so workers can accept improvements in applications more easily.

6.Continuous upgrades: For cloud-based ERP, software updates are delivered from the cloud servers of the supplier or provider, eliminating the responsibility of the IT departments continually upgrading the program.

Shortfalls of Cloud Based ERP softwares

  • Data security: There is ongoing controversy as to whether cloud or on-site softwares are more reliable, with the common belief that the cloud is unable to provide the reliability or protection of an on-site ERP software. The big problem for protection of the cloud network is that there is no privilege to presume the service would have a protected moat constructed around it. This puts further responsibility for security on the shoulders of employees of a company.
  • Customization Limitation: In cloud-based software, customization options are restricted, which is why some manufacturers still use on-site ERP softwares that are best suited to their specific operations.
  • Price / Cost Savings: Although cloud technology 's initial cost is lower than on-premise technology, subscription costs add up over time, many business executives are more concerned with eliminating capital expenditures than with lowering operating expense.

Thus, selecting an ERP for your enterprise requires a comprehensive analysis of business strategy and goals as well as a resource/cost analysis. We are an ERP Development Company with more than a decade’s worth experience in providing custom development services for CRM, WFM, SCM, HRM, eCommerce, and Accounting. Our experts conduct a thorough analysis of your business requirements, structure, and current softwares to design software softwares that align with your business goals. Get in touch with us for implementing an ERP that determines maximum profitability for your company.


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