Cost Estimations For ERP Software Development

Posted By : Ram Kumar | 30-Sep-2020


Cost Estimations For ERP Software Development


The average cost for an ERP software solutions depends on the features, scalability, support, and lots of more factors. We’ll even have to require under consideration the training needed for workers to get about the software, maintenance,up-gradation, etc. Depending on all those factors, the worth of ERPsoftware can vary. So let’s get to understand the kinds of ERP software, what proportion do they typically cost, and what we should always consider when picking one.

What Is ERP Software?

ERP also referred to as ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’ may be a sort of software that's wont to manage the day to day business process. ERP software helps minimize the paperwork for a corporation and makes departments like Accounting, HR, CR more efficient. It also reduces the human hours needed to finish a task by minimizing errors.


Different Pricing Models of ERP Software solution

There are two major sorts of pricing models that exist today for ERP software. Both have their advantages and drawbacks, and we’ll re-evaluate both.

Subscription-Based Pricing

As the name suggests, the subscription-based model charges We a recurring payment to use the system. These sorts of software are often cloud and canopy the value of support that we'd like whenever we run into any problem.


  • We will get continuous support whenever needed.
  • They are often cloud-based, meaning we will access these sorts of ERP software from anywhere.
  • We will get regular software updates.



  • Pricey than the perpetual licensing model.
  • Requires We to renew the subscription after every month/year.

Perpetual Licensing 

Perpetual Licensing needs a one-time payment. We only pay upfront and no recurring fees. These sorts of licensing often don’t include supports, maintenance, or upgrade cost. However, We get to completely own the software in this way. We will host the ERP on the corporate server or we will also choose offline software.


  • No recurring payment needed.
  • We get to host the software wherever we would like.


  • Often comes without continuous support.
  • No upgrade or maintenance once We pip out.
  • Often works only offline, means. We’ll be missing out on mobility.
  • Other Costs of Implementing an ERP system

When we buy ERP software, there also are other costs to think about apart from the worth of the Software like training, software customization, support, upgradations, etc.

Employee Training

ERP may be quite a software that's widely used throughout the corporate world. So before we try to implement it, a particular level of coaching/training is important for the workers. Some software providers provide free employee training urging started. However, we'd also need in-house or live video training which We’ll need to buy.


Not all companies work in an equivalent way. So a generalized ERP solution won't work for all the businesses. Businesses often order a customized version of an ERP solution. And as we'd have already guessed, the building of an ERP software or customizing it comes with extra cost.


Software providers usually give us an ongoing basic support facility. a number of the providers also provide priority support facilities against extra charge. However, if We buy a perpetual license we'd or won't get after- sale support.


Every system needs a touch of maintenance or up-gradation from time to time. Counting on the sort of

license We buy, we will either get or not get periodical up-gradation. Some companies also prefer to provide up-gradation with an additional charge. However,if We buy a subscription-based ERP software, up-gradation charges are usually included within the renewal fees.


Finally, we can say that ERP software solution cost depends on many factors. Sorts of licensing, pricing model, after-sale support, and lots of more affect the worth of ERP software. So, after considering these factors It is clear that cost depends upon the requirements.

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