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Posted By : Rahul Bora | 31-May-2020

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Workflow automation is a series of actions that not only save time but also enhance and improve the efficiency of daily processes. For most companies, 40%-50% of the time is wasted on paperwork, punching numbers into a spreadsheet, and unproductive prospecting. To increase productivity with little to no effort is the main reason to use automation in business. In this article, we are focusing more on automating marketing and sales workflows.


1.  Lets first discuss what workflow automation is:


The process of identifying tasks such as leads management, data entry, follow up emails, sending marketing emails, and automating these processes with the help of CRM software.


Businesses adopt such automated workflows not because their employees do not perform these tasks well but it makes them available to make more sales, maintain relationships, and contribute to other areas of the business with innovative ideas.


Here are some reasons to adopt the automation process:

  • Increasing efficiency
  • Accuracy in tasks
  • Increase in productivity
  • More time for innovation
  • More capital and employee satisfaction at the same time


Now, let us discuss how we can automate our marketing and sales processes.


2. Automating the marketing process:


Using automated workflows reduces the time required for business marketing. An email can be a more effective source for converting new customers as compared to social platforms. Using an automatic workflow, companies can send emails to every single person who interacted with them and handed their business card.

Companies, thus, get a chance to communicate as well as build a good relationship with the prospective client.


3. Generating and connecting with leads at a faster rate:


When visitors reach a company's site, they should be interested in the products and services provided by the company. Companies must capture such leads before they leave their site.

You will find that before visitors leave the site a form pops up asking the visitors to sign up for their email newsletter but we can use that form for more. We can gather the visitor’s name, email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses. Once the form is filled out, all the information is stored in your CRM and the sales team is alerted. In case the team is not available the data will be forwarded until an agent makes the call.

Once the sales team gets in touch with the lead, they will gather the extra information i.e the requirements of the lead, and store it into the CRM.


4. Conversion of leads into customers with Email Follow-Ups:


Companies focus on closing deals with their qualified leads but the qualifying process can be time-consuming. Automating the qualification process helps the sales team to save time, and focus on closing the deals.


An email is a best and time-efficient way to reach leads. It requires consistent nurturing to convert a lead into a customer and the sales team might not have so much time to check the multiple touchpoints which are required before the conversion. Email follow-ups help the sales team to reach out to multiple leads at the same time and utilize their time for other purposes simultaneously.


5. Why you should Automate your sales and marketing workflows with a CRM software development:


Automating workflows not only improves an organization’s workflow but also increases productivity. CRM automation comes with lots of use cases which make it highly flexible, easy to use, and aid in creating workflows that best suit your organization.


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