Apache Camel With Spring boot

Posted By : Shubhankar Ajmani | 29-Jun-2020


Apache Camel middleware provides you a messaging technology which makes use of routing and mediation rules. Two endpoints are required for apache camel PRODUCER & CONSUMER. From endpoint here refer 2 different URLs. Domain-specific language(DSL’S) is required for routing.



1) route.from

2) route.to


To use it with SPRING BOOT we make use of CAMEL CONTEXT


  public class NewOrderRoute extends RouteBuilder {


 CamelContext context;


 public void configure() throws Exception {


 log.info("streamCaching {}", context.isStreamCaching());



                .process(new EZRHeaderDetailsProcess())

                .log("Header ${body}").setHeader(Exchange.HTTP_METHOD, constant("POST"))

                .setHeader(Exchange.CONTENT_TYPE, constant("application/x-www-form-urlencoded"))


                .log("Received body ${body}").unmarshal(ezrJsonFormat)

                .process(new OMSNewOrderProcess()).marshal(omsJsonFormat)





Here from(String uri) is used to initiate the messaging process for building ROUTE


For example

-from("scheduler://getEZRNewOrders?initialDelay=600&delay=600000") in above code


process(Processor processor) is used to define the process for route defination .


   public class EZRReturnOrderHeaderProcess implements Processor {

 private DateTimeFormatter format1 = DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("yyyyMMddHHmmss");

 private DateTimeFormatter format2 = DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss");


 public void process(Exchange exchange) throws Exception {



    private Object generateReturnOrderHeader() {

        String timeStamp = LocalDateTime.now().format(format1);

 StringBuilder inputValues = new StringBuilder();

 inputValues.append("AppId=" + EZRConfig.APP_ID);

 inputValues.append("&Timestamp=" + timeStamp);

 inputValues.append("&Token=" + EZRConfig.TOKEN);

 String value = inputValues.toString();

 return "AppId=" + EZRConfig.APP_ID + "&Timestamp=" + timeStamp + "&Sign=" + SignUtil.generateSHA1(value) + "&AppSystem=" + EZRConfig.APP_SYSTEM+

                "&Args={\"ReturnTimeStart\": " + LocalDateTime.now().minusDays(5).format(format2) + ",\n" +

                "\"ReturnTimeEnd\": " + LocalDateTime.now().format(format2) + ",\n" +

                "\"PageIndex\": \"1\"}";





to() is use to define the consumer of the route definition.


JacksonDataFormat ezrJsonFormat = new JacksonDataFormat(EZRResultSetDto.class);


JacksonDataFormat omsJsonFormat = new JacksonDataFormat(OMSOrderDto.class);


Further the marshalling and unmarshalling of data is also required to convert data from one form to another like JSON to JAVA Object .


MARSHALLING/UNMARHSALLING – Converting from original data to byte form and vice versa.


Following dependency is required for apache camel in spring boot project .







You can make use of folliwng alternative  messaging technology-


  • WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus.
  • IBM App Connect.
  • Software AG webMethods.

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