An Introduction To Zoho CRM and Its Features

Posted By : Satendra Panwar | 24-Aug-2020

Zoho crm


Zoho CRM is well known on-demand software that effectively supervises your critical customer relationships. It automates your sales, marketing, and other supports on a single platform. In this blog post, we’ll provide an introduction to Zoho CRM and its features. Let’s start with the basics

What Is CRM?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an approach that assists work to improve existing customer relationships and earn new customers quickly. Here's a complete. Customer Relationship Management overview for you to begin easily and understand about the advantages it can bring to your business.

The meaning of CRM has reshaped a lot over the years. CRM is a term that was at first defined and sketched to upgrade customer service. Though it linked to an entire business strategy. CRM software takes action as a solo repository to guide your sales, marketing, and customer support activities jointly and streamline your process, policy, and people in one platform. We have merged together a short explanation video for what CRM really stands for and what it can do to  boost your business. 

Why do businesses choose CRM systems?

 Customer Relationship Management is the vast software market in the world, and has progressively proven to be the best technological asset that companies can invest in. With the importance that the cloud CRM software market has been secure over the years, and the facility with which CRM can merge with other applications that businesses generally use, CRM systems help to implementers cover every detail of their business cycle with an grow in sales & marketing returns, all while helping them

to cut down on their costs.

Zoho CRM Feature

Zoho CRM alone accounts for approximately 6.95% of the total CRM market. 

Zoho has two types of CRM packages and they are: 

1. Zoho CRM Plus

 It is an absolute customer engagement outfit with support of 11 applications. With an advantage of 360-degree customer view, it provides seamless experiences to the clients. Zoho CRM Plus authorizes you to lead over marketing, sales, project management, and team collaboration on a single platform.

 Get to interact with your customers through various platforms like call,email, live chat, social media, survey, etc.Always in touch with your team members with a real-time messaging tool and it revolve the data into significant insights Zoho CRM Plus automates the complex tasks and thereby increase the team productivity

ingress the app on mobile phones.

 2. Zoho One

 Zoho One is run with 35 web applications, which runs your business with facility. It’s featured with every vital application that helps to handle your business.

Each and every business needs CRM software and that’s why we are talking about the detailed properties and features of these applications to let you know how Zoho CRM helps to boost and also improve your business.   

 Multichannel Engagement


Zoho CRM provides you the opportunity to connect with customers via multiple channels like email, telephone, social media platforms, live chat, and portals.

 The Zoho Sales-Inbox offers integration with all the prime email companies including Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc. and synchronizes with the email campaigns. It also manages your emails as per the sales pipeline. You can also achieve real-time notification or alert upon the email receivers opening the emails. Zoho Sales-Inbox permits you to direct emails as per various filters like Email statuses.

Having Zoho CRM, you can dial or call to the prospects with a single click. Customize your customer service with custom-made messages. In addition, the automatic call log and analytics assist you to route the call data. Zoho is partnering with Twilio, RingCentral,, Ozonetel, Knowlarity, Promero, etc. to permit you with the top calling service.

The live chat of Zoho CRM transforms your callers to interesting prospects. In addition, it manages the partners’ lead in a good visibility and that helps to build up your ties with the partners.

 On the other side, the Sales-Signal brings forth all your channels together in a single working place with real-time alert and analytics.It also provides notifications from the third-party applications you are using.You just need to combine Zoho CRM with them through APIs.

 Zia - Artificial Intelligence(AI)

 Zia is the informal sales assistant authorized with artificial intelligence(AI).This chatbot interface with the incoming visitors with text and voice. With built-in artificial intelligence, it predicts leads, sales directions, and deals. Further, it directs the automation flow and gives proposals to enhance the same. Zia also recognizes the sentiments of the customers from their emails.  

Performance and Analytics

 Forecasting: It forecasts profits and assigns the target for the team suitably. You can also observe the forecasts as per the salesperson, territory, and team. In addition, forecasting helps to track the productions of the sales department and spot the achievers.


The Zoho CRM is featured with intricately designed analytics that permit you to view the sales matrix by using pie charts and heat maps. Powered with AI, the anomaly detector widget inspects the forecast trends with the real sales performances

graph to offer true insights. The analytics also survey the leads in each and every stage in the sales pipeline.


Zoho CRM offers the many real-time reports that permit you to know the working performance of sales, marketing, and activities:

  • Sales Reports.
  • Sales person's performance report.
  • Deals closing this month.
  • Pipeline by stage & probability.
  • Revenue this month.


At Oodles ERP, we have established ourselves as a seasoned ERP software development company that specializes in building data-driven CRM solutions for enterprises. We have successfully completed several full-scale CRM projects for clients from across the globe. For more information, contact us at [email protected].




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