An Introduction To Web Call Application In Django

Posted By : Nikhil Verma | 02-May-2022

1. What is Twilio?

This is http api that allows the user to make a web based call and sms application. The objective of this powerfull api is help to make a telephony applications.


2. What is ngrok?

This is a cross-platform application that provide facility to use local server on internet.


3. How To Setup Twilio?

Step - 1: You have to create a twilio account on


Step - 2: after create a twilio account you will get credit amount almost $15


Step - 3: When amount credited in you account then buy a twilio number


Step - 4: then add the number at phone numbers >> manage >> verified caller ids >> Add new caller ids 



Step - 5: Now, Its time setup django project

For setup the django project take the reference from here -


Step - 6: create an application

python startapp twi_call

pip install twilio


step - 7: In twi_call file

you have to import these packages

from django.http import HttpResponse

from django.views.decorators.csrf import csrf_exempt

from import Client


account_sid= 'AC4fa03sd54f65sd4fsd51f0238ff5a26e'


auth_token = 'e9442321ddf81b39383464d2dc9d0d78aff8730a6fdr'


client = Client(account_sid, auth_token)


def answer(self):

    call = client.calls.create(

        twiml='<Response><Say> Hello i am twilio</Say></Response>',

        to='#############',//registered contact no.

        from_='##########'//twilio phone number


    return HttpResponse("Thank you")


you will get account_sid and auth_token from user settings >> console 


Step - 8: setup url for above function

from twi_call import views

urlpatterns = [


    path('answer', views.answer)



4. You have setup your django project and twilio account, Now its time setup ngrok


Step - 1: Create a account in ngrok from this url -


Step - 2: After login via ngrok account you will get the screen like :


Step - 3: Click on Download button


Step - 4: unzip the file

linux - 

unzip /path/to/


Step - 5: connect to the server 

ngrok config add-authtoken 26uw7VdPF4gPxxa1sXN9dT1ErBW_3jVtku5zgbsNPABWM184J


Step-6: Run ngrok via this command

 ngrok http 8000

after execute this command you will get the output screen like this



5. run django server

python runserver


6. search in browser

then you will received a call on phone


If you follow the above steps, you will able to create web call application

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