Acceptance Testing and its types

Posted By : Tamanna Sharma | 31-May-2020

acceptance testing types


Acceptance Testing in ERP


    Planning an ERP implementation is a daunting task. Timelines, integrations, and requirements need to be mapped, collected, and agreed upon. When you’re looking at a forest, it’s easy to forget the trees and when you’re working with software it’s easy to forget the users. That’s why we believe that user acceptance testing is the secret to a successful ERP implementation.


    Acceptance Testing is a type of software testing technique performed to determine whether the software system has met the required specifications or not. The purpose of this test is to evaluate the effectiveness of the system and whether i the requirements are acceptable for delivery or not.

It is formal testing according to the user's needs, requirements, and processes of the business conducted to determine whether a system satisfies the acceptance criteria.


    User acceptance testing is the process of getting users to test common scenarios and daily tasks within the ERP system prior to the ‘go-live’ date. It has benefits that reduce cost, shorten timelines and minimize odds that your implementation will fail due to lack of user adoption



Uses of Acceptance Testing:

> To find the defects missed during the functional testing

>To evaluate how well the product is developed

>To check whether the product is what the customers actually need

>Feedbacks help to improve the product's performance and experience of users

>Minimize or eliminate the issues arising from the production.



Types of Acceptance Testing :-


->User Acceptance Testing

   UAT is to check whether the Product is working for the user correctly.


->Business Acceptance Testing

   This is to assess whether the Product meets the business goals not.


->Contract Acceptance Testing 

    This is a testing type that specifies that once the Product goes live, within a period, the acceptance test must be performed and it should pass all acceptance.


->Regulation Acceptance Testing

   RAT is used to determine whether the product violates the rules and regulations defined by the government of a country. 


->Alpha Testing

   This type of testing is done when the product is in the development/testing environment.


->Beta Testing

   This type of testing is done by exposing the product to real end-users in their environment

Acceptance Testing is the last phase of software testing performed after System Testing and before making the system available for use.

                         The Phases are as follows:-

                              ->User Testing

                              ->Integration Testing

                              ->System Testing

                              ->Acceptance Testing


 The first step is User testing, then integration testing is done by combining different modules which is followed by system testing, and acceptance testing subsequently.


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