A Quick Comparison Between Angular And React JS

Posted By : Gaurav Prakash Ranjan | 30-Nov-2020



Angular: Angular is a typescript-based open source web application framework for front end web development. It is supported by Google and an individual community of developers. It is full fledged MVC framework. Developers use HTML as template language and HTML syntax for building the application's components and developed dynamic web pages.


React: It is known as ReactJS or React.js. It is a JavaScript library which is used for building UI or UI components. It is created by Facebook. It is also actively supported by the community of individual developers and companies. It is easy to understand and to launch as compared to angular.


What is the difference between Angular And React?






Technology Types

Fullfiedged MVC framework written in JavaScript

It's a JavaScript Library

Developed By

Developed By Google

Developed By Fecebook

Language Used

TypeScript (JavaScript + HTML) is used

JavaScript + JSX is used


Simple tool requested for testing complex project

Set tool required for testing complex project

Data Binding

2-Way data binding

One-way data binding

Latest Version

Angular 7.2.0

React 16.7.0

Used For

Large-scale, rich featured application

Single page web application

Learning Over

Difficult for beginner

Easy to grasp


NOTE: Now, Where is uses these biggest and popular  brands & companies-

Google, Sony, Nike, Up work, Forbes are using Angular And Facebook, Instagram, Whatapp, Netflix are using React.


Code and Syntax:



impor{ Component} from '@angular/core';






    templateUrl: './app.component.html',


    styleUrls: [./app.component.css]




export class AppComponent{


    title="My Angular Test!!!!";








import React from 'react';


class MyReactTestingProgram 


    extends React.Component{





                             My React Test!!!!            







export default;

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