A Brief Overview of Samplers In JMeter

Posted By : Rahul Singh | 30-Oct-2020



The Apache JMeter application is an open source tool used for performance testing of various software applications by sending the request to the server and analyzing the response in terms of different performance parameters like response time, throughput etc.


Samplers in JMeter are the actual requests which are sent to the server. Samplers are added to the Thread Groups. 


Samplers in JMeter have different types of requests, users can choose from them as per their requirement and send the request to the server. Server processed the sampler request and returned the response to JMeter which can be analysed in terms of different parameters for performance testing.


Samplers generate the results which have various types of attributes that can be viewed in listeners. Every sampler has several different properties that one can set as per their need. JMeter has various types of samplers, for example HTTP Request sampler that can be used in web application testing.


Path to add sampler to test:- 

Right click on Thread Group -> hover over Add -> hover over sampler -> choose the sampler from the list which you want to select, sampler will be added to the test.


Here is the list of all the samplers in JMeter that can be used to script the performance tests for various types of applications.

1. Flow Control Action

2. HTTP Request

3. Debug Sampler

4. JSR223 Sampler

5. AJP/1.3 Sampler

6. Access Log Sampler

7. BeanShell Sampler

8. Bolt Request

9. FTP Request

10. JDBC Request

11. JMS Point-to-Point

12. JMS Publisher

13. JMS Subscriber 

14. JUnit Request

15. Java Request

16. LDAP Extended Request

17. LDAP Request

18. Mail Reader Sampler

19. OS Process Sampler

20. SMTP Sampler

21. TCP Sampler


Now let’s discuss some commonly used samplers provided by Apache JMeter

1. HTTP Request:- This is the widely used sampler to test web applications. It is used to send HTTP/HTTPS requests to the target web server.



2. Flow Control Action:- Earlier it was known as Test action. This sampler is special than others because it is not used to send requests to the server instead as per the name suggest it controls the actions like pause, stop or delay whatever required.



3. FTP Request:- FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, it lets the user’s to transfer files to the server, that is download or upload files requests to the server.



4. JDBC Request:- This Sampler is used to test databases. It lets the user to send JDBC Requests consisting of SQL queries to the server database. To use this sampler one needs to set up a JDBC connection to the server. 




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