SaaS Application Development Using Zoho Creator

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | July 21, 2021

Software as a Service (SaaS) has become a popular software distribution model that garnered significant traction over recent years. Due to its apparent benefits over traditional on-premise systems, an increasing number of businesses in all major industries are investing in SaaS development services. Evidently, adopting the cloud architecture could be beneficial to businesses, especially small-to-medium enterprises in many ways. Not only does it offer a great deal of flexibility and security to business data on the cloud but also eliminates hardware-related complications. Nevertheless, it is critical to choose the ideal software platform to extract maximum benefits from SaaS application development. 

Zoho Creator is a low-code application builder that lets you develop, customize, and launch cloud-based software applications for the web and mobile platforms. It is a multi-platform builder that accelerates the software development lifecycle and reduces time-to-market. In this blog post, we shall explore the main benefits of Zoho Creator application development for building SaaS-based business applications. 

Zoho Creator application development


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Zoho Creator and Its Benefits For SaaS Application Development

Zoho Creator, as we know, is a low-code software application builder that enables developers and business users to build cloud-based business applications with minimal coding complexities. It features an intuitive drag-and-drop builder that simplifies the application development process and aids in building scalable software applications with custom features. When it comes to SaaS application development, Zoho Creator offers promising solutions, enabling developers to build high-quality applications that are easy to scale. Let us move ahead and delve into the main benefits of Zoho Creator application development for the SaaS architecture.


Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Builder

Zoho Creator provides an intuitive software interface with a drag-and-drop builder that facilitates custom app development for both SaaS and on-premise architectures. With its responsive drag-and-drop builder, developing an application becomes increasingly simple. Here, you only have to move different virtual elements and align them perfectly to make various app UIs. Similarly, it enables developers to build custom databases and put them into production at the same time. The SaaS applications built using Zoho Creator are faster, agile, and more responsive. Besides, the applications are increasingly scalable to address the dynamically changing business needs. 


Built-in Application Templates

You get to choose from a series of customizable app templates, pluggable modules, and ready-to-install business applications. That said, you can either use the low-code interface to develop the application from scratch or use these built-in templates. The templates and plug-and-play modules are fully customizable as per your business needs and aids in accelerating the development process. 


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Mobile App Support

In addition to web applications, Zoho Creator renders support for building cross-platform mobile apps for native Android and iOS platforms. Besides, it lets you build hybrid and progressive web applications that run smoothly across mobile devices with minimal complications. 


REST API Development

Zoho Creator application development extends support for representational state transfer (REST) and remote procedure call (RPC) for developing and implementing custom APIs. Thus, it allows third-party apps to access data the apps built using Zoho Creator via REST and RPC APIs. 


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Closing Thoughts

Despite the many benefits of the SaaS architecture, several enterprises still prefer on-premise software development due to various security concerns. That said, Zoho Creator also renders support for building on-premise business applications, enabling enterprises to host their apps in-house rather than using the cloud. All things considered, Zoho Creator is a comprehensive solution to address the varying business needs of cross-industry enterprises. It provides a simple and straightforward approach to building complex business applications from the ground up with minimal coding difficulties. In doing so, not only does it accelerate the development process but also brings significant cost savings to the table. 


Why Choose Oodles ERP For Zoho Creator Application Development?

We, at Oodles ERP, provide end-to-end enterprise software development services to solve complex business problems using open-source technologies. We are registered partners with Zoho Creator and offer promising SaaS and on-premise software solutions to address the industry-specific needs of our customers. Our development team specializes in using Zoho Creator, Zoho CRM development, and Zoho CRM Plus to develop custom enterprise software solutions. We also have our expertise in implementing open-source software platforms like Odoo, OFBiz, Opentaps, and ERPNext for cross-platform application development. To learn more about our Zoho Creator application development services, drop us a line at [email protected].

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