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cloud-based workforce management

As businesses expand, overseeing the workforce in its entirety is a back-breaking task. On-premise deployment and management of the workforce are no longer adequate to organize a sizable, task-specific workforce. Meanwhile, as all supply-chain data moves to the cloud, employing a cloud-based workforce management software is the next rational step. We, at Oodles, provide a broad spectrum of workforce management solutions to automate job tracking and task scheduling, and to eliminate work environment restraints. Workforce management software customized to the particular requirements of an organization caters to people, assignments, and data of all business sizes. It tracks, organizes, analyzes and converts employee data into a dashboard view which respective managers can view at their discretion.


Consistent Infrastructure

A cloud-based workforce management software puts all homogenous employee data in one place. At Oodles, our developers use the best technologies in the market for a specific application. We develop microservices, that are synced with a single database, in Django, Magento, and Springboot. Widely known as the microservices architecture, this system brings varied technologies in one place. For example, we can put together modules designed on java-based frameworks with those designed on Angular or Python.

Fast implementation

A distinctive feature of cloud-based solutions for workforce management is how quickly organizations can switch to them. To implement profitable software solutions, we configure a platform, and design and integrate applications onto it. We then create an interface with mobile access for employees and higher management. Powered by analytical tools, our workforce management solutions schedule assignments to the workforce as per their skills and time slate. With the right resource persons at your disposal, the implementation process can be carried out in a matter of a few weeks.

Secure cloud-based workforce management

The biggest challenge faced by enterprises in a connected world is to protect enterprise data as well as employee data. For the safe storage and movement of data across the organization, it is necessary to secure authorization and authentication processes. We use a role-based security system that exclusively grants access rights to the employees of the company as per their hierarchical position. We also use Google authenticator’s two-step verification system to validate users of workforce management software.


Improved Performance

Enterprises can significantly improve their employee performance using the tools provided by a cloud-based workforce management software. The allotment of skill-specific tasks at most productive schedules, for example, is just one of its many benefits. Mobile workforce management is another. Firstly, employees and managers can access data from anywhere and also assign and complete tasks. Secondly, as data is portable and its access secured, the unavailability of particular devices or workstations does not hinder workflows.

Accurate Forecasting

Cloud-based workforce management solutions include analytical tools with forecasting capabilities. At Oodles, we use ElasticSearch, LogStash, Kibana (ELK) stack to find, analyze and view data in real-time. Be it spotting issues with servers or applications or searching for logs, we accurately perform all these tasks. ELK stack enables managers to view patterns in workforce operations and aids them in formulating the most profitable execution strategy.

Optimised Scheduling

Another benefit of an ELK equipped workforce management system is optimized scheduling and well-resourced dashboard. Dashboard is an application interface that enables managers to monitor their employee data including timesheets, active projects, and leaves. Oodles furnishes enterprises with an AI-powered dashboard where managers can view this data as graphs and charts to evaluate individuals, teams, and departments.

Low investment

For an enterprise to be successful, accomplishing maximum gains while incurring minimum costs is the key. It can be accomplished using SaaS (Software as a Service) for workforce management, in combination with first-rate open-source frontend software. First, it eliminates the cost of setting up an IT department and maintaining the same. Second, as managing employee tasks and schedules is streamlined, managers can devote their undivided attention and capital to core operations.

Manage Workforce on Cloud with Oodles

We are an ERP Development company that provides futuristic ERP solutions. We design ERP software customized to suit the precise requirements of businesses of all sizes. Our unbeatable services like SAAS, WFM, CRM boost enterprise growth and revenue. Our software solutions come with a microservices-based architecture and ELK stack for analytics. We implement Multiple Application interaction through Message Queue, Kafka and RabbitMQ. We customize Apache Offiz, Odoo, Flectra, Open taps, Next ERP and Vtiger software for all your ERP needs. Collaborate with us and start your journey towards a streamlined workforce management system now!




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