Simplifying Business Processes with Odoo 12 IoT

Posted By : Suraj Mishra | January 17, 2020


Odoo software package is usually upgrading to new prospects and thereby establishing itself within the market. Odoo is currently finding new prospects by stepping foot into the IoT technology. Let’s explore your Odoo 12 IoT is reducing the complexity of businesses and increasing their efficiency.

At Oodles, we provide  Odoo Application Development that redefine scalability and enhance business efficiency. Our developers follow a planned and strategic approach to meet diverse business requirements.

IoT boxes are used to connect varied gadgets with the core platform. This helps to extend the variety of the ERP software package that successively will increase the potential of the software package. Odoo 12 IoT integration is beneficial for small and medium scale enterprises. This blog post contains concepts of Odoo 12 IoT integration.

IoT: An Overview

The everyday things that we tend to use in our life and their network that is employed for the betterment of our lives yet as the business is largely known as because of the IoT. Here everyday objects are often something, ranging from a mobile that we tend to use. the items like computers, mobile phones and a lot of builds our life and business less complicated and hassle-free. It provides heaps of benefits like automating the repetitive tasks, reducing the human work and prophetic operating through knowledge analysis.

For a business, knowledge assortment and its effective usage underline business success. The ERP software package like Odoo is often an efficient tool to propagate a lot of revenue and productivity. In conjunction with a sturdy ERP software package, if one is supplied with IoT technology, the correct knowledge is going to be connected with the correct method.

Odoo 12 IoT: An Overview

The Odoo IoT is the latest of the innovations happening within the field of Odoo. Odoo IoT got discharged beneath Odoo’s latest version, version 12. The IoT technology can facilitate in building prosperous business portfolios.

Odoo IoT box

The Odoo IoT box is employed to attach the IoT devices to Odoo. The affiliation method of IoT with AN ERP software packages like Odoo isn’t that easy. a decent proportion of the devices that shall be connected won’t have a web affiliation and people WHO have the affiliation won’t mechanically integrate with the ERP software package. Currently, once a middle purpose like Odoo IoT box is employed, all the issues get resolved.

It is through AN coax cable or via a Wi-Fi affiliation, the IoT box connects with Odoo. Detection of the box is going to be done by Odoo and their configuration is often done through your browser.

Various variety of devices are often connected with this technique, additionally, multiple device connections are formed doable with the IoT box. Devices like USB, Bluetooth, HDMI, and Wi-Fi are often connected. Just in case if the device you’re exploitation, doesn’t support the format, Odoo will offer you the driving force for creating the device compatible. The diagram illustration of the IoT box operating is shown below;

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IoT module in Odoo

When the IoT devices area unit connected together with your system, Odoo becomes a holder of interconnected applications. The Odoo IoT module will work in conjunction with alternative modules then it’ll be extremely useful if you employ IoT devices for your business. The machines and tools for the aim like producing will simply be integrated with the assistance of Odoo IoT. This eventually helps in reducing time and labor. when IoT integration, suppose you’re doing a piece and you reached a selected step, there you’ll be able to take the required action with the assistance of your tool and it’ll be mechanically holding on within the ERP software package.

After the devices area unit connected to the IoT box, to line it up, we’ve to travel to the actual IoT module. Currently once after you attend the module choose the device associated and reserve it.

Apart from the same edges, one will build even a lot of benefits with the IoT box that it shall be customized to additional levels.

Odoo 12 IoT box can prove to be beneficial to businesses as it provides a wide range of customization options. Odoo 12 IoT enables businesses to extend the reach of their ERP software with increasing capabilities.

We are an ERP development company that provides Odoo application development services to automate and streamline business operations. Our seasoned team provides third-party integrations to increase the functionality of ERP systems.

Get in touch with our ERP team to avail benefits of Odoo 12 IoT!

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