How Is Salesforce the best CRM Software?

Posted By : Devesh Singhal | July 27, 2018

Salesforce the best CRM Software

There is a saying  “Customer is King”. That’s the reason why CRM software is the top-most concern in any business. CRM is the best tool that allows companies to enhance not only their customer satisfaction but also their efficiency and profits. Almost any business can benefit from the CRM software. Now we will move further and know why is Salesforce the best CRM software.

CRM software solutions are installed on on-premise company’s hardware. These solutions can take up from months to years. Therefore, with time, the total cost of setting up a CRM solution can go high too. And then, Salesforce was developed with the idea of offering an affordable CRM software solution. It is simple to use and comes in the right budget. It does not take a long time for the installation process as compared to CRM (on-premise) by moving everything to the internet. Salesforce nearly becomes useful for all sizes of organizations.

Here are some key benefits that make Salesforce the  best CRM software:


1. All inclusive:

Salesforce CRM software is an all-inclusive software with major features that provide different CRM solutions. Although it may make Salesforce adoption too complex for the micro-organization, they can soon find the great application of its features.


2.Budget-friendly :

Small to medium-sized businesses see CRM as a high-cost software. That’s why they find it hard to afford. It’s per user license cost starts at as low as $25. So, it makes Salesforce the best CRM software for a company which is budget-conscious.


3. Scalability:

Salesforce offers scalability that means it can adapt itself to the growing demands of business. Its functionality can grow when your business expands.


4. Third party integrations:

Small businesses tend to make use of various third-party solutions even before the need for a CRM software arises. Salesforce software gives you the ability to have an easy integration with existing third-party applications for smooth business process evolution.


5. Customer support:

Salesforce provides a toll-free number and lives chat feature. Moreover, it provides a robust live support to the customers. Salesforce’s training support and community pages make it simple for the business users to easily learn and adapt its support features.


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