Improving Business Performance with Salesforce Integration Services

Posted By : Aditi | October 12, 2019

Salesforce Integration Services

Popular customer relationship management solution Salesforce provides a comprehensive view of customers to engage them efficiently. Apart from the cost advantages Salesforce provides with its cloud infrastructure, it seamlessly integrates with third-party enterprise productivity tools. It serves as an ideal CRM solution that is scalable for fulfilling all your business requirements. This blog post discusses the effectiveness of Salesforce integration services to augment customer engagement efforts.   

How Salesforce Integration Services Improves Business Performance

* Streamlining Business Processes: Integrating other systems like ERP with Salesforce can bring new levels of business efficiency

* Managing Subscriptions: Businesses can bill their customers appropriately by integrating business management software and Salesforce

* Enabling Quick and Easy Returns: Integration between Salesforce, e-commerce platforms, and third-party logistics enable customers to easily return an item or avail a service

* Generating New Customer Insights: Businesses can integrate Salesforce with customer-focused platforms like NetSuite along with internal customer databases

Salesforce Integration Use Cases


Salesforce and ERP Integration:

Salesforce and ERP integration can better align sales and resource management processes. Integrating Salesforce with ERP systems can streamline the flow of data between both systems. Some key benefits of integrating Salesforce and ERP are:

Businesses get a better insight into their inventory and can take decisions in real-time.

Key stakeholders can get a complete view of their customers in CRM including order status, invoices, shipment information, and payments

The integration better aligns front office sales with back-office by placing an order directly in the ERP system

Salesforce and ERP integration enable businesses to automate data management tasks, improve data accuracy and increase operational visibility. 


Salesforce CTI Integrations:

Salesforce Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) integrations enable businesses to improve sales, service quality, service efficiency, and call management. Our ERP development team at Oodles has experience in integrating telephony platforms with Salesforce. We connect third-party CTI systems like Asterisk with Salesforce for inbound and outbound calling. We support both on-premise and cloud-based telephony services. CTI integrations with third-party telephony enable businesses to improve their customer service. Some of the common use cases include automatic calling, call logging, one-click calls, call metrics, call recording and call routing. 


Salesforce Integration with E-commerce Platforms:

Salesforce e-commerce integration enables retailers to enhance customer interactions. Salesforce’s multi-tenant architecture unifies customers’ buying experience across every channel. The integration increases revenue by enabling better cross-selling, improving customer service, and enhancing the demand forecast.


Salesforce Integration with Accounting Software:

Integrating Salesforce with accounting software enables businesses to share financial data with the sales team, enrich customer profiles and improve forecasts. Most of the small and medium-sized businesses use accounting software like QuickBooks to seamlessly create invoices from Salesforce CRM. Accounting software integration with Salesforce enables organizations to reduce double data entries and gain better control on invoicing and payment collection. 

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Salesforce Integration with Marketing Software:

The integration of Salesforce and marketing automation systems enable decision-makers to align marketing and sales functions efficiently. The integration enables sales leaders to design customer journeys, engage with prospects, nurture leads effectively, and simplify campaign management. 

Our ERP development team integrates with Marketo, Zoho, MailChimp, Partdot and Marketing Cloud.


Oodles ERP Salesforce Integration Services

Get a better view of your customers with our Salesforce integration services. From automated email follow-ups to providing data management solutions like RingLead, we provide Salesforce integration solutions to streamline information flows and enhance customer information visibility.

Salesforce Integration Services
Salesforce Integration Services


Our Salesforce integration process involves understanding specific business goals, creating an implementation plan, collecting and migrating data and training your team. We have worked closely with several customers to enable them to maximize the benefits of Salesforce integration. Connect with our Salesforce team today for a demo of our work.

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