Transforming Retail Processes with Salesforce E-commerce Integration

Posted By : Devesh Singhal | October 5, 2019

Technological advancements in the retail industry have enabled modern shoppers to buy anywhere, anytime. Customers expect the freedom to interact and engage with online products through smartphones, social media and more. Salesforce e-commerce integration enables retail industries to augment their interaction with customers. Salesforce is a cloud-based leading CRM solutions developer.  Its multi-tenant architecture unifies customers’ buying experience across every channel and touchpoint. 


Salesforce e-commerce integration

Read on to know how Salesforce eCommerce integration is increasing customer retention and transforming the retail industry. 

 salesforce ecommerce integration
Benefits of salesforce e-commerce integration


Simplifying Your E-commerce Business with Salesforce Integration


Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides B2B businesses with a world-class platform for e-commerce integration.  With its cloud-based architecture, Salesforce delivers the reliability and scalability that merchants require to compete in a changing retail environment. From discovery to purchase, Salesforce streamlines all business operations. 


At Oodles, we provide Salesforce CRM integration services that enable businesses to acquire an overview of their customer information in real-time. 


Salesforce commerce integrates e-commerce operations, giving users a single and unified overview of all relevant information including stores, promotions, orders, products, pricing, inventory and customers in real-time. Salesforce eCommerce integration connects in-store and mobile channels, enabling retailers to gain benefits from core e-commerce capabilities and services such as merchandising and transaction management. 


With Salesforce eCommerce integration, retailers can stay connected to customers and improve their experience without the usual complexities. 


Oodles ERP provides Salesforce eCommerce integration services to increase customer retention and unify buying experience. Our phased and fixed methodology ensures businesses get the right solution the first time. Our ERP development team is efficient at building Salesforce eCommerce platforms for effective selling. 


Salesforce Ecommerce Integration with Oodles


Salesforce ecommerce integration
Salesforce ecommerce integration process.


At Oodles ERP, our developers begin with analyzing your business’s onsite requirements. After analyzing our ERP development team recommends an integration approach and develop a roadmap that fits your timeline and budget. Once the implementation approach is decided, we start with the integration process. Our development team divides the project into individual phases for efficient project completion. 

We provide B2B e-commerce development services to boosts revenue and increase potential business buyers. With our e-commerce solutions, businesses can give their customers a seamless self-service experience of online shopping. Business can provide B2B functionalities to their customers including account hierarchies, multiple payment options, contracted pricing, custom product catalogs, flexible shipping dates and locations. 


E-commerce platforms typically have complex security constraints. At Oodles, we enable customers to securely transfer data to Salesforce cloud CRM through the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) process. Our developers first extract data from the source system, then load it into that target system. ETLs transfer data in batches on an hourly or daily basis. We also use the Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) to connect different software systems. Using the iPaaS system, we can integrate cloud applications and on-premise applications in real-time. 


At Oodles, we provide Salesforce e-commerce Integration solutions to accelerate retail operations and drive business growth. Connect with us now to schedule a discussion.

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