Automating Business Processes with Salesforce Application Development

Posted By : Aditi | December 11, 2019

Salesforce Application Development

Salesforce application development is a robust, transparent, and easy to access platform that can be customized as per the specific demands of the organization. In this article, we have uncovered the benefits and approaches required for Salesforce custom application development. 

At Oodles, we provide Salesforce application development services to automate business processes and improve end-user experience. Our developers build reliable and bug-free applications using updated technologies to ensure the applications fulfill clients’ specific requirements. 

Benefits of Salesforce Application Development

Enhancing CRM Practices with Custom Capabilities

CRM is a system used for storing, analyzing, and retrieving client information. It enables businesses to create a personal connection with their customers by referencing their past client experience and tracking customers through various channels. In addition, it gives business representatives the ability to provide one-to-one customer journeys. 

The potential of CRM application isn’t limited only to sales and marketing. The human resource department uses custom CRM applications to automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks like employee onboarding and training. Similarly, accounting and finance departments can use custom apps to automate delicate processes and ensure compliance.

Giving Your Business Power with Custom Application Development

Salesforce custom application development makes it possible for enterprises to personalize the effectiveness of their business apps without the requirement of any coding training. With low-code and no-code options, business associates can create software solutions tailored as per their specific business requirements. Templates, drag and drop tools and other building options give business users a chance to see their application ideas become reality.

Developing Custom APIs in Salesforce

In this digitally connected world, it has become increasingly common and essential to integrate business data stored in an external system with Salesforce. Sometimes, the integration can simply be handled by synchronizing data to or from However, for real-time data interaction, a custom REST API is necessary.

At Oodles, we create custom REST APIs to enable clients to automatically migrate and update their important business information from an external system to Salesforce. A REST API integration focuses on sending data from your application and fetching data from Salesforce. The API also gives the Salesforce developer the flexibility to manipulate the data. For instance, if any client migrates the data of ‘ProductId’ from an external app to Salesforce, then business users can even add the ‘Product Name’ along with the Id.

For instance, if our clients want to capture the on-site behavior of leads in Salesforce while browsing the website, then they can automatically transfer and update the data using a custom API. 

Oodles Approach to Salesforce Application Development

Efficient Project Management: 

At Oodles, we collaborate with the clients to prioritize their requirements and ensure proper alignment of the application’s functionality with their existing system. Our developers use a flexible methodology so that changes can be made at every project stage. 

Technical Project Management:

We have a process of scheduling time, managing budget and developers’ work, which enables us to deliver robust apps in the given time frame. Proper coordination between the project manager and the technical team enables faster app delivery. We ensure the app is fully compliant with its concept, technical, and security requirements of Salesforce and customers’ requirements.

Delivery Methods Based on Specific Business Requirements:

Our developers have experience in creating custom applications to streamline and automate a defined set of tasks within a CRM domain. At Oodles, we apply an iterative approach to deliver an app for comprehensive business requirements. Our approach enables the clients to use the application in its basic version. In addition, we can add other features in response to user feedback and product owner’s demands.

Focus on Quality

We develop a bug-free app that functions as intended and provides a smooth user experience. Our ERP development team conducts regular unit tests and review codes to achieve the app’s high-quality architecture and code. 

Long-term Support:

The collaboration with our client doesn’t end with an application’s launch. Our developers continuously customize applications in line with the arising or changing business requirements. In addition, we can modify an app’s existing features or complement it with new functionality.

At Oodles ERP, we understand your business goals and provide Salesforce development services to improve the UX/UI and performance of your Salesforce applications. Our ERP developers can modernize Salesforce components and create a comprehensive full-featured app. Our app modernization and migration strategy include migration assessment, deployment, and support. 

Want to extend the core functionality of your Salesforce platform? Connect with us to schedule a discussion!

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