Planning Wholesale Distribution with Cloud Supply Chain Management

Posted By : Vipasha Singh | May 21, 2020

Wholesale Distribution with Cloud Supply Chain Management

In an evolving market, it is essential to efficiently regulate the upstream and downstream flow of products and services, information, and resources. Wholesalers require a cloud-based supply chain management system to keep track of the demand, sourcing, quality, and location of goods in real-time. As wholesale businesses deal with large volumes of freight, it’s of the essence for them to maintain minimum inventory levels that match demand. To achieve this, they must plan distribution with intelligent tools that come with cloud supply chain management capabilities.

We, at Oodles, provide Software as a Service (SaaS) for multiple ERP solutions including the cloud supply chain. It translates into our experts providing you the best technologies for setting up the cold chain on the cloud. To top it up, we provide a handy user interface and an impenetrable blockchain that makes your data secure and streamlined.

Let’s examine how planning wholesale distribution with cloud supply chain management can benefit wholesale businesses.


Needs of the Wholesale Distribution Chains

Modern wholesale distribution networks require a supply chain that ensures goods are stored, shipped, and delivered without any operational hiccups. At the same time, they need to align inventory with demand, making sure to incur minimum costs and wastage. For an ideal wholesale distribution chain, all the components of the supply chain must be centrally controlled to ensure the efficient, economical, and cooperative flow of resources. This requires the use of intelligent tools that forecast market trends based on well-maintained enterprise data. Employing technology to securely and accurately store, access, and manage data is the key to improving operational efficiency and communication in the network. Wholesale businesses need to optimize their supply chain with tech-driven, automated, intelligent management systems.

Developers at Oodles have years’ worth of experience in designing customized solutions for enterprises of all sizes. We undertake Supply chain software development suited to the specific needs of a wholesale business to enhance inventory, logistics, forecasting, and risk management. Interactive dashboards, cloud databases, and predictive analytics are just a few of the capabilities that we furnish your supply chain management with.


Benefits of a Wholesale Distribution with Cloud Supply Chain Management

Adopting a cloud-based supply chain management system opens up wholesale distribution systems to a wide range of possibilities for growth and profitability. Let’s take a look at the benefits of cloud supply chain management to a wholesale distribution enterprise.


Inventory and Logistics Management

The balance between demand and supply, for a major part, decides the returns yielded by a wholesale firm. Inventory data needs to be readily available to sales and logistics teams to plan sourcing and storage as per demand. Traceability of inventory data at any stage in real-time allows supply chains to speedily process and update orders. Also, an automated system for the same cuts labor costs and scope of error.


At Oodles, we provide SaaS-based cloud logistics and supply chain software development which determines a low entry-level cost for enterprises.



Visibility across all levels and platforms is extremely important to realize the current state of source and supply. Coupled with agility in decision making and operations on all tiers, it makes the system transparent and quick responding. It becomes easy for stakeholders to determine critical elements, spot dormant supplies, and pin down alternative sources. This shift in focus is accelerated by integration with an ERP system that already has the applications and tools to enhance visibility, connectivity, and therefore agility in a supply chain.



The all-pervading visibility and real-time capacity to receive and alter data create a supply network of evolved design. It suggests that enterprises easily overcome communication hurdles to get in touch with suppliers, traders, or customers. Connectivity in the supply chain provides efficient communication, economic resource utilization, and managing liabilities. Access to quality checks through IoD sensors enables controlling the pace of shipping. End-to-end visibility not only saves shipping costs if the product perishes but also ensures its delivery before the expiry time.

At Oodles, developers customize web sockets for continuous connectivity and push notification for dynamic notifications into the interface.


Forecasting Abilities

Cloud supply chain management for wholesale distribution comes with forecasting abilities for demand planning. Estimating inventory, analyzing current and future logistics capacity, prioritizing logistics through analytics aid in understanding the current state of demand in the market. As it is based on largescale customer data, predictive analytics enables distributors to allocate supply as per customer needs. It not only reduces storage costs but also saves wholesalers from overstocking or understocking commodities.


Risk Analysis and Response Management

Analytics tools with machine learning capabilities form the foundation of proactive risk management. A prerequisite to cloud supply chain management, they easily spot and report anomalies and suspicious behavior from a pattern of behavioral data. Consequently, the response to security risks is quick as they assimilate documented behaviors.


Plan Wholesale Distribution with Oodles’ SCM Development Services

With our all in-purchase software development, at Oodles, we provide you with custom supply chain management solutions. We design SaaS models for every business size, industry, system, platform, and use cases.  We are an ERP development company with the goal of maximizing the potential of enterprises with next-gen technologies. We integrate services like WFM, SCM, CRM, and HRM, into ERP software to enable businesses to centrally manage their resources. Get in touch with our experts to avail our SCM Development services for wholesale distribution. Contact us now!




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