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Open-Source ERP Development For Wholesale Businesses

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | January 24, 2022

Businesses operating in the wholesale and distribution industries often face several operational challenges that directly impact their annual revenues. In addition to sustaining the cut-throat market competition, they also have to deal with storage, processing, and transportation of various consumer goods. At the same time, it is essential to comply with government regulations while responding to the dynamically changing market conditions. Having said that, ERP software development for wholesale distribution is an effective way to sail through the common operational complexities in the given domain. 

Here, we shall talk about the importance of custom ERP for businesses operating in the wholesale industry. Subsequently, we shall explore the benefits of custom ERP development for wholesale businesses using open-source platforms. 


Custom ERP Development For Wholesale Businesses: An Overview

Developing a custom ERP solution is a tried-and-tested way to address the unique requirements of different businesses in the wholesale sector. It enables wholesale distributors to gain real-time insights into their stock levels and automates repetitive tasks associated with inventory, logistics, and supply chain management. From tracking inventory movements to accelerating the order fulfillment lifecycle, ERP development for wholesale businesses helps streamline operations and boost productivity. Besides, having a centralized ERP system in place is conducive to successfully running a wholesale business and overcoming challenges prevalent in the industry. 

Open-Source ERP Development For Wholesale Businesses


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The Significance of Open Source ERP Development

Developing a custom ERP solution from scratch could be a complex and time-consuming process, not to mention the exorbitant costs involved. However, the use of open-source platforms simplifies the process to a great extent and makes it affordable for small-scale enterprises. These platforms offer a free source-code that developers can use to build custom applications for varying business needs. It means you do not have to pay any software license fees and only have to bear the development costs. As a result, it reduces the overall development costs and brings significant cost savings to the table. 


Open-Source ERP Development For Wholesale Businesses

In the following section, we shall delve into the most sought-after open-source platforms for ERP software development for wholesale distribution. 



Odoo is one of the most extensively used open-source ERP platforms that provides fully customizable software modules for diverse business needs. It includes accounting, warehouse/inventory, CRM, HRM, logistics, eCommerce, workforce management, supply chain management, and more. The platform offers promising enterprise solutions for mission-critical business functions and currently empowers 4.5 million users across 120+ countries. With Odoo, you get a free community version with all basic features and an elite enterprise version that offers more advanced features. 


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ERPNext is yet another option we have for building custom software solutions for wholesale distribution and other industrial use cases. It is an effective alternative to Odoo and renders the best support for building lightweight business applications. Similar to Odoo, it offers fully customizable software modules for all major business use cases. However, it lacks several crucial features that Odoo has including contract management, freight carrier integration, and automated time tracking. 


Apache OFBiz

A standalone software suite from Apache software foundation, OFBiz offers comprehensive technical support for custom ERP development. Similar to Odoo and ERPNext, it is open-source in nature and offers a series of customizable modules for business process management and automation. Besides, developers can use its source code to build custom applications from scratch to solve complex business problems. 


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All things considered, ERP has become an indispensable need for wholesale distributors to efficiently manage their operations while remaining compliant with the government policies. Also, developing a  custom ERP solution using the aforementioned open-source platforms is an ideal way for startups and SMBs to streamline their operations and boost productivity without overspending. At the same time, they get complete control over the software and its features, something that off-the-shelf ERP systems seldom offer. However, it is critical to select the right ERP platform that best addresses your mission-critical business needs. The best approach is to outsource a trusted ERP software development company like ours and rest assured. 


How We Help You With Custom ERP Development For Wholesale Businesses?

We are a seasoned ERP development company that specializes in building custom enterprise solutions for the diverse business needs of our clients. Our team of ERP developers holistically analyzes your business requirements and formulates effective strategies to enhance business productivity through ERP implementation. We use open-source ERP platforms to build scalable enterprise software solutions for varying business needs. To learn more about our enterprise-grade ERP software solutions, reach out at [email protected]

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