Odoo ERP App Development For Marketing Automation

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | June 28, 2022

Marketing automation refers to the use of software tools to automate and streamline day-to-day marketing activities in an organization. In today’s competitive market, it has become increasingly important to adopt marketing automation due to its apparent benefits. Not only does it enable organizations to save their valuable time and money but also aids in delivering personalized customer experiences. Most importantly, it significantly improves lead generation and drives maximum conversions to boost ROI. 

There are several software platforms that enable businesses to enable marketing automation to boost business performance and profitability. Nevertheless, selecting the right tool or software platform is crucial to extract maximum benefits from marketing automation. Odoo, a 360-degree ERP software platform, provides fully customizable enterprise modules for marketing automation across any business vertical. 

Odoo ERP App Development For Marketing Automation

In this blog post, you will discover the importance of Odoo ERP for marketing automation with a focus on its key features and benefits. 


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The Importance of Marketing Automation

Understandably, generating leads and driving conversions remains the top priority for any business regardless of their unique selling proposition (USP). That being said, marketing automation plays a critical role in running effective marketing campaigns that are laser-focused on maximizing the conversion rate. Besides, it enables organizations to meaningfully engage their target audience and pull them down the sales funnel. 


What Is Odoo ERP?

Odoo is a software platform that provides a comprehensive suite of business applications to solve complex business problems by virtue of software automation tools. Odoo provides a series of customizable modules for business process management with a focus on automating complex repetitive tasks. Each Odoo module caters to the varying industry-specific needs of various businesses and serves different business verticals. For example, it offers dedicated modules for sales, marketing, CRM, accounting, inventory/warehouse, manufacturing, eCommerce, and supply chain management. 

Odoo modules are fully customizable as per diverse business needs. Alternatively, you can choose to develop custom ERP solutions from scratch using Odoo ERP modules. It renders complete support for building custom ERP applications from the ground up that are easy to scale. In the following section, we shall explore the key features of Odoo ERP for marketing automation


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Features of Odoo ERP For Marketing Automation

Below are the key benefits of Odoo ERP for marketing automation that businesses can leverage to boost their ROI.


Marketing Automation

The marketing module by Odoo helps automate crucial business workflows associated with sales and marketing. It includes email automation where the focus is on scheduling targeted email campaigns that would run automatically as per pre-defined parameters. At the same time, it helps automate contextual marketing activities like updating customer records and other relevant information.


Campaign Management

Odoo makes it super easy to create, schedule and run email campaigns with sheer efficacy and effective targeting. You may choose from a variety of templates to create engaging email campaigns that are more likely to convert. To create an email campaign, you simply need to select a standard template, choose a layout, and add your personalized message along with suitable images. 


Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is yet another crucial feature that Odoo has to offer for marketing automation. It helps improve your targeting strategy by submitting personalized email campaigns to various groups in a database. Besides, you get to choose from different sets of customers as per your target audience to achieve higher open-and-click rates. 


Ease of Integration

Odoo offers vast integration support for its diverse range of enterprise modules and the marketing automation module is no exception. The Odoo marketing automation module seamlessly integrates with a wide range of apps, plugins, proprietary Odoo modules, and their-party applications. For instance, you may have your marketing app integrated with popular business modules including sales, accounting, CRM, HRM, warehouse/inventory, eCommerce, and supply chain management. 


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Summing Up

Odoo is one of the most extensively used ERP software platforms for business process management that offers promising solutions for diverse business needs and use cases. The aforementioned features make it an ideal choice for enabling marketing automation using a set of pre-defined parameters. Rather than following the manual process that incorporates a series of complex, repetitive tasks, Odoo offers a solution that is much more reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. In doing so, implementing Odoo ERP for marketing automation is more likely to boost your business ROI and enhance profitability. Nevertheless, it is critical to choose the right technology partner or ERP development company to extract maximum benefits from Odoo ERP for marketing automation. 


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