Odoo ERP Software Development For Paper Manufacturing Companies

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | December 15, 2020

Odoo ERP development for paper manufacturing

Paper manufacturing is one of the most sprawling industries in the world that caters to the daily needs of people from all walks of life. Despite the digital revolution nipping in the use of paper worldwide, we can’t imagine a life without paper in the foreseeable future. From printing to education, from business documents to legal records, the use cases of paper are endless. However, smart manufacturing is essential to enhance production efficiency while posing minimal challenges for the environmental crisis. 


ERP software development is an effective way to streamline operations in paper manufacturing by enabling automation across every level. A fully-equipped ERP system accelerates the manufacturing process, improves operational efficiency, and eliminates manual complexities to further enhance business ROI. This post delineates the significance of using Odoo ERP development for paper manufacturing. 


What Is Odoo ERP?

Odoo ERP is a comprehensive business process management suite that offers a number of software tools to develop high-quality enterprise solutions. It is an open-source platform that provides a variety of customizable software modules for different business verticals. For instance, there are dedicated modules for CRM, HRM, inventory/warehouse management, accounting, eCommerce, and supply chain management amongst others. 


Besides, Odoo ERP modules are fully customizable to address the varied business needs of cross-industry enterprises. Likewise, Odoo provides an ideal solution for paper manufacturing companies to streamline their operations and boost productivity. Let’s move ahead and discuss the benefits of Odoo ERP implementation for paper manufacturing. 


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Benefits of Odoo ERP Development For Paper Manufacturing

Selecting the right ERP platform is critical for the success of a brand, not only in manufacturing but all major industries. Paper manufacturers can use the Odoo ERP platform to streamline their complex business processes and boost ROI. It also ensures that they achieve maximum production efficiency while remaining compliant with the local regulatory policies. Let’s take a quick glance at the benefits of Odoo ERP development for paper manufacturing. 


Inventory Management

Inventory management can be increasingly complex and challenging for a paper manufacturing company in the absence of an ERP software. Odoo inventory module enables paper manufacturers to keep track of different types of wood, pulp, and finished paper products in an organized manner. It synchronizes inventory data with manufacturing and sales units to efficiently channelize the production cycle with minimal disruption. In doing so, it enables paper manufacturing companies to enhance their production capacity, accelerate the production cycle, and reduce time-to-market. 


Bill of Material (BOM) 

BOM generation is a crucial part of manufacturing that must be handled with care to reduce the scope of errors. Odoo provides a unified interface to ensure that all components are listed in the right quantity in the bill of materials. The BOM feature in Odoo enables enterprises to standardize their manufacturing process and facilitates the procurement of high-quality products. It eliminates the mismanagement of components by providing a list of materials that are required in the right quantity. 


Automated Invoices

Billing or invoicing is yet another feature of Odoo ERP that automates the generation of customer invoices with minimal human effort. The invoices generated using Odoo ERP include all crucial parameters like the date of order, expected delivery date, payment mode, delivery method, and more. Besides, it offers hundreds of custom templates for billing and invoicing. Companies can even upload their existing invoice template and customize it as per their needs for seamless order processing. 


Scrap and Waste Management

It’s quite evident that the process of paper manufacturing and pulp making generates large amounts of waste every single day. As a result, these companies must adopt eco-friendly practices for scrap management and waste disposal. Not only is it time-consuming but shifts the actual focus from the core manufacturing processes, not to mention the additional challenges of waste management. 


Odoo ERP facilitates effective waste management to improve production quality and avoid wastage of components including paper bundles. It significantly reduces the amount of scrap and is also effective at planning and executing the recycling of scrap. 


Master Production Schedule (MPS)

The master production schedule (MPS) feature enables paper companies to plan and schedule their manufacturing processes by entering production plans. They can enter their production details including product variants and proposed timelines for completion and further processing. The MPS feature automatically compares the production data of previous years for accurate forecasting of seasonal demand. Accordingly, they can plan their production schedule to match the market demand for papers during any period of time. 


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The Bottom Line

Quite recently, Odoo has launched its latest version i.e Odoo 14. Despite being in a beta stage, Odoo 14 brings several unique features and capabilities that may be extremely useful for paper manufacturers. It introduces new business intelligence tools that would enable paper manufacturers to optimize their resources in the best possible manner. In doing so, they can gain better control over their finances and prevent unnecessary expenses while following an eco-friendly approach. Since Odoo is an open-source platform, it provides cost-effective solutions that are perfect for small-to-medium enterprises. 


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