Odoo CRM Module: Features and Benefits at a Glance

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | November 27, 2020

In today’s competitive landscape, maintaining healthy customer relationships has become increasingly crucial for businesses to stay afloat. Several companies in all major industries spend millions of dollars every year to improve their customer experiences. While there is a number of ways to gain customer loyalty, CRM software development definitely tops the list.

An effective customer relationship management (CRM) software not only improves your customer services but also helps with sales, marketing, analytics, and lead management amongst many similar functions. Besides, it captures every consumer touchpoint and web interaction, enabling enterprises to strengthen marketing strategies. The modern-day CRM systems use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to track and analyze customers’ likes, preferences, and buying habits. 

Odoo CRM software development

Odoo is one of the best open-source ERP platforms available in the market that also provides a fully customizable CRM module. Odoo CRM software development enables businesses of all sizes to efficiently manage their existing and potential customers. It combines 8+ apps and plugins to offer a comprehensive CRM suite that focuses on strengthening customer service efforts and streamlining sales operations with minimal complexities. The Odoo CRM module includes the following plugins:


1. Customer Relationship Management

2. CRM Gamification

3. Survey CRM

4. Marketing Campaign

5. Resellers

6. Lead To Issue

7. Contact Form

8. Opportunity To Quotation


Let’s move ahead and delve into more technical details of the Odoo CRM module with a focus on its key features and benefits to enterprises. 

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The Key Features of Odoo CRM Module

Odoo CRM software development gives you access to several unique features including sales intelligence, lead scoring, business reporting, and more. Let’s explore the most valuable features of the Odoo CRM module and the benefits of Odoo CRM software development.

Odoo CRM software development
Source: Odoo

Improved Sales Support

Odoo CRM provides an intuitive sales dashboard to easily track various activities across the sales pipeline. It automatically filters relevant leads from your mailbox and lets you manage your sales pipeline with ease using drag and drop features. Besides, you can send personalized quotations to your customers in just a few clicks.  


Lead Management

Lead management is one of the core functions of the Odoo CRM suite. It offers extensive support for lead management from lead generation and monitoring to automatic follow-ups with clients and customers. 



– Lead Nurturing: You can set automated lead campaigns to pitch customers based on the lead segment.

– Lead Scoring: It lets you filter out the prospects that are most valuable to your organization by assigning a lead score.

– Online Acquisition: Odoo CRM gives you access to upto 30 different marketing apps to foster online lead acquisition.

– GeoIP: It lets you track and segment inbound leads from different states, countries, cities, and geographical regions. 



Customer Service Management

With Odoo CRM module, you can gain valuable insights into your customer data and manage routine customer queries. It offers powerful tools to identify your customers’ likes, preferences, and buying habits as well as language, delivery methods, and financial data. As a result, you can optimize your products and services accordingly to deliver personalized customer services. Odoo CRM module also gives you a neat and organized addressbook to manage your customers’ sales records. Above all, you get one-click access to your customers’ order history, outstanding dues, and sales invoices. 

Odoo CRM software development
Source: Odoo

Reporting and Analytics

Odoo CRM software development lets you track and monitor your dynamic business KPIs over different time intervals. You can track the daily/weekly/monthly performance of your sales team and the hours invested by each team member. Odoo CRM gives you access to diverse analytics features to track and monitor various sales activities in real-time. Besides, you get advanced filters and segmentation features for analyzing the opportunities pipeline. 

Ease of Integration

It is easy to integrate the Odoo CRM module with your existing enterprise applications and third-party services. For instance, you can connect it with your inventory module, SCM software, workforce management software, as well as accounting and financial management tools for increased convenience. Besides, it is easily customizable through a variety of powerful APIs from Odoo.  

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Closing Thoughts

ERP-based customer relationship management systems have become a requisite need for all types of enterprises from diverse industries. It has become even more important for B2C companies that thrive on fulfilling their customers’ needs and expectations. According to Gartner, CRM is poised to be the largest source of spending in enterprise-specific software tools by 2021. It is, therefore, the right time for startups and small-to-medium enterprises to consider investing in CRM software development in 2021. 


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