Odoo ERP Customization to Automate and Streamline Business Operations

Posted By : Aditi | September 6, 2019

Odoo ERP Customization

Odoo ERP Customization: An Overview

Odoo is one of the fastest-growing ERP software that is open-source and operated by a large community of partners and users. It is a comprehensive suite of enterprise applications including sales, customer relationship management (CRM), project management, accounting, and warehouse management. That being said, Odoo ERP customization is essential to meet specific business requirements that are subject to consumer trends and competitive dynamics. Although businesses may have unique requirements, process automation and cost savings are the key objectives of Odoo customization services

Types of Odoo ERP Customizations

Changes in User Interface (UI): Businesses can adapt the design of screens and dialogues to personalize the UI of Odoo based on the preferences of the users.

Functionality Extensions: Even in a comprehensive solution like Odoo ERP, businesses may require some functionality extensions to meet their specific demands.

Reports, Documents, and Forms: Businesses can modify order confirmations, delivery notes, and invoices that are generated by Odoo ERP. The changes can be made in terms of basic layout and the incorporation of complex logic in reporting.

Reasons for Odoo ERP Customization

Identity Adaption: 

Every business has its own requirements and goals to achieve. Businesses hold a different identity in the market and their social media activities and statistics reports reflect their identity. Odoo ERP customization can enable businesses to impose their own identity on stockholders and customers. 

Process Extension:

The efficiency of an organization depends on their workflows and business processes. Every organization has a different workflow and they might require some customization to work more efficiently. To achieve efficiency, decision-makers may require to extend business processes to build new functionalities. It is made possible by customizing Odoo to improve synergies within the system. 

Simplified Interface:

A clear, concise and simple interface improves productivity and focus of the business. Organizations need to integrate all fields into one screen by customizing Odoo to reduce the efforts of staff members.

Additional Features: 

With the continuous changes in technology, it is essential for businesses to upgrade and streamline their existing processes. To achieve optimal usage of ERP solutions, businesses need to incorporate additional features within the workflow of their ERP system.

Increases Application Lifespan:

Applications are considered as the cornerstone of a business process that provides essential features and functionalities. Odoo ERP customization services enables businesses to achieve long-term success and increase their applications’ lifespan. 

Benefits of Odoo ERP Customization Service for Businesses

* Odoo ERP customization service enables businesses to reduce duplication of entries and remove unnecessary fields. 

* Odoo customization provides functionalities as per specific requirements and eliminates all the extra features that can confuse users.

* Odoo customization improves workflows, increases accuracy and enables decision-makers to interact with vendors and contractors efficiently. 

Concluding Thoughts

Odoo ERP customization is necessary to meet unique business requirements. Though Odoo ERP is an extensive and wholesome package in itself but sometimes it is not able to meet the expectations of a business. To meet the requirements of businesses and automate their operations, Odoo customization is necessary. Odoo’s framework is suitable to meet unique business requirements.

At Oodles ERP, we develop high-end custom Odoo app development services so that businesses can avail the complete benefits of their application. Our development team analyzes the specific requirements of a business and then provides the right strategy for fulfilling the functionalities. Our developers ensure that our Odoo customization comprehensively incorporates your business workflow. 

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