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Introducing Odoo 17: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | November 27, 2023

Odoo remains one of the most sought-after software platforms for custom ERP development that is extensively used by enterprises of all sizes to efficiently manage their business processes. With a series of modules targeted at streamlining different business functions, it enables enterprises to steer clear of their routine operational complexities. There have been several iterations of Odoo for both its community and enterprise editions, wherein each one brought new features and enhancements. 

In a bid to enhance its modular features, the 17th edition to Odoo i.e Odoo 17 has been rolled out and is now available to enterprises worldwide. Being the latest version of this comprehensive suite of ERP applications, it offers several new features and upgrades, making it the most advanced of its predecessors. In this blog post, we shall delve into the latest features in Odoo 17 that is likely to enhance the way enterprises manage their routine operations. 


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Odoo 17: Here’s Everything You Need To Know


Odoo 17: An Overview

Similar to its predecessor, Odoo 17 offers a suite of integrated applications designed to manage and automate various business functions such as sales, CRM, inventory, manufacturing, accounting, human resources, and more. The modular architecture allows users to select and integrate the modules they require, providing a customizable and scalable solution for businesses of all sizes. Besides, the latest version i.e Odoo 17 brings in a host of new features for enterprises to leverage its unique capabilities. In the following section, we shed light on the key features of Odoo 17 that may help enterprises streamline their operations. 


The New Features of Odoo 17

Odoo 17 brings several changes, new features and some significant improvements from the standpoint of user experience. As a matter of fact, there are dozens of notable changes in the UI but in this blog post, we shall mainly focus on the performance and utility. Let’s get started and discuss the new features in Odoo 17. 


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Improved User Experience

Odoo 17 introduces a new, revamped, and improved user interface that aims to enhance the overall user experience across devices. With its redesigned UI that is more efficient and user-friendly, Odoo is set to deliver exceptional user experiences, allowing developers to build great applications for enterprises with ease. Besides, the UI is more responsive and works perfectly across a myriad of devices. 


More Powerful Search Features

The latest version of Odoo features the most powerful search functionality that makes it easier for users to find the right information, whenever required. It lets you search across multiple apps or modules at the same time, making the search experience seamless for most users. Besides, users can leverage its powerful search filters to narrow down their search results. 


Updated Wizards

Odoo 17 introduces draggable wizards, a new feature that enables users to move wizards around as needed. For users who would like to view more of the underlying form, this could be a great feature. Besides, you can drag and drop the title bar to reposition the wizards wherever required. 


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New Features For eCommerce and Manufacturing

Odoo 17 offers a number of features for businesses associated with eCommerce and manufacturing. eCommerce businesses may leverage its new marketing features to create product bundles and offer various sales and discounts. Besides, there are a number of features for manufacturing companies such as the ability to effectively manage production orders and accurate inventory tracking. It also enables business users to generate custom reports for comprehensive business-level analysis. 


Powerful CRM Features

Additionally, Odoo 17 offers CRM staff several additional capabilities like improved lead tracking, more effective customer support issue management, and the option to create customized reports. As such, it significantly improves the way businesses manage their sales and CRM functions and aids in building long-term customer relationships. 


Enhanced Menu For Sales Reporting

The Sales module in Odoo 17 has been expanded and now includes additional parts related to reporting. An extensive examination of numerous sales-related subjects, including sales, salespeople, products, and customers, is now available under the ‘Reporting’ option.


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Wrapping Up

These were some of the most crucial features introduced by Odoo 17 that are going to disrupt the way enterprises used the ERP modules from Odoo. All things considered, Odoo 17 seems to be a significant update that will provide new features to improve the user experience and make it a more powerful and adaptable platform for managing enterprises. 


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