Redefining Manufacturing Business Efficiency with Mobile ERP

Posted By : Aditi | December 31, 2019

Mobile technology has grown exponentially and is an integral part of the modern lifestyle.  Manufacturing businesses are constantly exploring new ways to use smartphones to simplify and streamline on-going operations. They require an integrated solution that can reduce costs, increase profitability and enhance business efficiency. Robust mobile ERP solutions can fulfill all these requirements. Let’s explore how mobile ERP is enabling managers to work remotely with optimum efficiency. 

We are an ERP development company that provides mobile ERP solutions to simplify business operations, increase responsiveness and improve communication and collaboration. With mobility and real-time data processing in our ERP system, we enable businesses to expedite their decision-making processes. 

Mobile ERP
Mobile ERP

Benefits of Implementing Mobile ERP for Manufacturing Businesses

Streamlined and Automated Business Operations

A robust ERP solution streamlines business processes and drives automation for manufacturing companies. It ensures all the data is available in a centralized location with complete visibility in all functionalities including inventory, sales, procurement, production, and finance. Mobile ERP enables business managers to monitor production status in real-time. For instance, the designing and manufacturing team can monitor the progress of production and update the purchasing and finance departments about the requirements of raw materials. The visibility of real-time information will increase productivity and customer satisfaction. 

Reduced Costs

A robust ERP software enables manufacturing businesses to reduce overall costs by automating manual time-consuming processes. Manufacturers can reduce operational and administrative costs by centralizing data and enable all departments to access data from mobile devices. Using mobile ERP, manufacturers can manage products from any location, minimizing disruptions and delays. In addition, mobile ERP provides complete visibility into on-going operations. 

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

As the organization grows, departments create their own databases of information. The separation of databases can lead to communications hindrances. It can further cause harm to the integrity of the company’s confidential information. ERP system ensures essential information of all departments is maintained in a central database. Using mobile ERP solutions, business managers can access the data of any department from any mobile device. 

Mobile ERP enables business managers to collaborate on different projects to provide inputs. Collaboration between suppliers, vendors, and distributors improves communication and coordination of activities like orders and deliveries. 

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Streamlined process scheduling, accurate production planning, improved control over inventory and enhanced coordination of distribution of channels enables manufacturers to ensure on-time delivery of products. Real-time delivery of products improves customer satisfaction and retention. 

Essential ERP Components for Manufacturers

Supply Chain Management (SCM):

It is a critical component of ERP software. It enables manufacturers to manage their product flows from production to consumption efficiently. An efficient SCM increases customer retention and loyalty. For instance, customers get instant updates on their product details like delivery date and price. Managers can foresee future problems in inventory and make necessary changes for smooth business operations. A streamlined supply chain facilitates manufacturing innovations, decreases costs and enables businesses to stay ahead in the competition.


The purchasing component of an ERP software manages material procurement like purchase orders, stock updates, supplier listings, quotation requests, and analysis. ERP systems promote effective collaboration with suppliers and contract manufacturers. 

Order and Inventory Management:

It is an essential component of ERP software. It enables manufacturers to organize and categorize their inventory, manage detailed warehouse data and record product movements. With an efficient ERP software, business managers can optimize inventory, manage stock-in and stock-out and reduce delivery cost. 

Choosing a Mobile ERP Solution


On-Demand Open Object (Odoo) is a comprehensive suite of business applications including inventory management, purchase management, customer relationship management, sales, accounting, and human resource management. With more than 4.5 million users worldwide, Odoo customization and implementation fulfills specific business requirements. Odoo’s mobile application development enables businesses to enhance mobility and productivity. It provides a high level of flexibility that is critical for efficient business management. In addition, it managers greater control over business operations. 

At Oodles, we provide Odoo development services to streamline and automate business operations. Our ERP team can create mobile applications from scratch for both IOS and Android platforms using Python. Our Odoo mobile ERP solution enables businesses to boost customer engagement. 


Ofbiz is an open-source solution from Apache that enables businesses to manage their customers, sales, orders, and assets. It has an open-source framework to develop customized business applications. 

At Oodles, we provide Ofbiz development services to accelerate business processes. Our developers use Ofbiz supported ERP modules to build high-octane ERP systems with custom functionalities. 


Acumatica is a comprehensive cloud ERP solution that provides a plethora of benefits including a unique pricing model, flexible licensing and fully integrated and secure business applications. It provides flexibility, reliability, security, and anytime-anywhere access. Acumatica Mobile ERP application enables businesses to have greater control and visibility over all aspects of business operations. Its mobile version provides features like real-time reporting, push notifications, sales and expense order management.

At Oodles, we provide Acumatica cloud ERP solutions to streamline complex business processes and boost productivity. 

Mobile ERP can bring a high level of collaboration to manufacturing operations. It can enable manufacturers to streamline business operations, increase sales, minimize costs and enhance overall profitability. In addition, using mobile applications, managers can approve the workflows in real-time.

Connect with our ERP team to accelerate your business processes with a robust mobile ERP solution!

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