IoT Enabled Supply Chain Solutions to Track Returnable Packaging

Posted By : Aditi | January 26, 2020

IoT Enabled Supply Chain Solutions

IoT enabled supply chain solutions enables businesses to efficiently manage returnable packaging by locating the whereabouts of protective packaging. Let’s explore how the use of IoT technologies in the supply chain enables business associates to manage and track returnable packaging. 

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Benefits of Implementing IoT Enabled Supply Chain Solutions for Tracking Returnable Packaging

No Upfront Costs:

The efficiency and durability of the IoT devices tracking returnable packaging ensure an enhanced customer experience. Network providers are designing robust IoT devices that can survive remote conditions with no need to change or charge batteries. The capabilities of these devices reduce the downtime, maintenance and refresh costs.

Enhanced Consumer Experience:

Implementing IoT devices for the supply chain eliminates unnecessary hurdles like device purchasing, deploying infrastructure, testing, maintenance and support application development. IoT for the supply chain makes tracking and monitoring of returnable packaging easier.

Speedy Implementation with Real-time Insights:

 Most IoT enabled supply chain solutions operate on a subscription service basis. They follow a ‘pay-as-you-go’ approach for speedy implementation and immediate integration into existing supply chains. In addition, network providers now are working to provide end-to-end service. It means that once an organization identifies the right network for its requirements, the providers will send devices that are already equipped with sensors connected to that network. The user attaches these sensors to the returnable packaging. Using IoT devices in supply chain operations requires no infrastructure, no capital expenditure, no process reorientation, no testing and no restrictions in scope. Instead, the sensors give complete visibility of inventory.

Actionable Data:

The value of supply chain visibility might not be realized by organizations if the data is not actionable. IoT enabled supply chain solutions gives managers real-time insights of location about a specific returnable packaging. IoT enables supply chain solutions enables business associates to make the right decisions are made while choosing a route for returnable packaging. In addition, it provides business associates with the most efficient routes in the supply chain by predicting future needs from past data. 

IoT Technologies to Manage Returnable Packaging

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons and Sensors

BLE beacons provide the ‘last seen’ location of returnable packaging or pallets. They have the ability to carry inbuilt sensors including temperature, shock, and light depending on the service provider. For instance, if the returnable packaging is of glass items or electronics, beacons can be used to measure shock and capture incidents of impact like physical mishandling, drops or collision that may damage goods. Similarly, temperature sensors can be used for shipping frozen goods. 

In addition, sensors are important to a beacon from the perspective of both managing returnable packaging and monitoring the condition of shipments. For instance, light sensors can be used for sensing if the package has been tampered or not. 

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

RFID tags are small devices containing a microchip to store data, a battery and an antenna to transmit and receive information. An RFID tag that is near to the tag picks up radio waves that are transmitted by the tag. Incorporating RFID tags in returnable packaging increases visibility and traceability. An RFID tracking system is made of three components: RFID tags, reader and a software program. The tags in the form of labels are placed on each container. After the placement of tags, containers can be palletized and tracked as they move through the supply chain. RFID eliminates human error by automatically scanning the container and log information. 

Avail Benefits of Sustainable Supply Chain with Oodles

We are an ERP development company that provides logistics and supply chain development solutions to optimize productivity, automate logistics processes and reduce overall cost. Our supply chain solutions integrate RFID, barcode, Bluetooth beacons, and GPS solutions to enable inventory tracking and asset tracking. 

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