The Importance of Business Analysis In Web Development

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | May 6, 2021

In today’s tech-driven business environment, having a web presence is imperative to sustain the cut-throat competition. A meticulously designed website gives you an edge over your peers, expands reach, and effectively presents your value proposition. On the contrary, a poorly designed website puts a damper on your brand identity and renders a bad user experience. It is, therefore, critical to follow a proactive approach and formulate an effective execution strategy for web application development. Besides, it is essential to keep close tabs on the latest market trends and conduct a thorough business analysis. 

Business analysis in web development is critical to ensure that the website remains on par with the current market trends and industry standards. Here, let’s delve into five crucial steps to perform effective business analysis in web development. 

Business Analysis In Web Development


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Crucial Steps For Business Analysis In Web Development

Below are the crucial steps for business analysis that are imperative to successfully embark on your web application development services journey. Following these steps ensures that you are on the right track and moving forward towards achieving your business goals. 


Business Requirements Analysis

Every business analysis begins with a thorough evaluation of the existing business model, value proposition, and requirements gathering. To clearly understand the proposed business model and accumulate relevant information about the required features and functionalities. After careful analysis and assessment of the required functionalities, business analysts formulate effective execution strategies for web development. 


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Defining Scope of Work and Features

After a thorough assessment of project requirements, business analysts communicate directly with business owners and stakeholders. This collaboration is conducive to finalize the features and freeze the scope of work (SoW) for the given web project.

BA in web development

Here, BAs and stakeholders unanimously discuss various prospects pertaining to their web project and put in place important points of action. Besides, they define project goals, objectives, and create milestones for seamless execution of the project. 


Viability Analysis and Technical Assessment

Once we have finalized the features and scope of work that is required, BAs coordinate with the development team to get things in order. However, it is critical to discuss the proposed execution plan with developers beforehand to avoid complications during the development phase.

BA in web development

Developers perform a 360-degree technical assessment and viability analysis to check the feasibility of the proposed business solution. It is followed by the selection of the most effective software tools and resources to seamlessly accomplish tasks at hand. 


Development Roadmap Creation

To seamlessly carry out the development process in a phased manner, it is advisable to prepare a detailed project roadmap. The roadmap provides a strategic overview of the project in its different phases wherein each phase is assigned an estimated timeline. It helps developers to stay on track and perform tasks at hand with minimal disruption. A roadmap generally begins with multiple UI/UX design stages followed by the development, deployment, quality assurance, and finally the product launch.  


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Quality Assurance and Testing

Business analysis in web development is required throughout the project completion lifecycle. However, it becomes more significant before and after the development phase. Business analysis is required during the quality assurance phase as well to ensure that all bugs are timely resolved before the product launch. Therefore, BAs must coordinate with QA engineers to holistically test application functionalities to detect critical bugs, loopholes, and software glitches. Furthermore, they must coordinate with developers to resolve bugs and software issues within the stipulated time frame. 


Final Words

Several small-to-medium-sized businesses prefer outsourcing a trusted web development company rather than hiring an in-house team of developers. It saves them from the recruitment process that is complex, time-consuming, and imposes an excessive financial burden. Since they have remote access to experienced developers, it aids in accelerating the software development lifecycle and reducing time-to-market. Above all, most technology partners provide on-demand business analysis to deliver a high-quality software product. Nevertheless, you may opt to hire in-house resources for business analysis if there be a need for it. 


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