Crucial Aspects of UI/UX Design and Development For Web Applications

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | April 27, 2021

In today’s competitive market, developing a website or web application has become an inevitable need for businesses of all types and sizes. Web application development is the staple element for a successful business strategy that focuses on driving digital growth across industries. Not only does it help you sustain the intense market competition but also aids in building a remarkable online presence for your brand. Nevertheless, UI/UX design and development for web applications is increasingly crucial as it directly impacts the website user experience. A Forrester study claims that 88 percent of users are less likely to return to a website if they had a bad user experience. 

For obvious reasons, UI/UX design has become an integral part of the web application development process that requires utmost attention. Several businesses are starting to realize its importance and are taking steps to optimize and improve their website user experience. This post highlights the five aspects of UI/UX design and development for web applications that are buzzing in 2021. 

UI/UX Design and Development For Web Applications


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Crucial Aspects of UI/UX Design and Development

#1 Focus On Minimalism 

Gone are the days when users were attracted to vibrant graphics, colorful UIs, and complex visual elements. As of today, minimalism is the key to delivering great user experiences as it enables organizations to meaningfully engage their target audience. A minimalistic website design strategy involves minimum use of graphics, colors, content, visual elements, and a more simplified navigation flow. It is increasingly critical, especially for B2B companies where the main focus should be on the value proposition. For the sake of minimalism, many businesses prefer flat-screen web designs with more use of white space or negative space. 


#2 Simplified UX Design and Development 

UI/UX design and development for web applications require a simplified approach to create user-centric designs that drive maximum user engagement. According to experts, embellishing web interfaces with excessive features, buttons, and visual elements may complicate users at times. At the same time, it shifts the main focus from the key value offerings and results in a bad user experience. It is, therefore, advisable to follow a simplified approach while creating web UI/UX designs with careful evaluation of user requirements. 


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#3 Mobile-first Approach 

As of today, the mobile platform accounts for more than half of the internet search queries. Although there is a wide variety of apps available on various mobile platforms, most users prefer mobile browsers for their common search queries. From making online purchases to booking tickets or scheduling appointments, people generally use mobile browsers to perform many such tasks. That said, it is essential for businesses to optimize their website for mobile devices to deliver better user experiences. 

mobile first designs
Source: 99designs

In fact, the web version of a website may not work perfectly for mobile screens, thereby resulting in a bad user experience. Therefore, it’s critical to have a dedicated mobile-optimized version for all webpages to maintain consistency across both the web and mobile platforms. 


#4 Microinteractions 

Microinteractions are small events or contextual triggers that provide system updates and feedback to users throughout the task completion cycle. Our several day-to-day interactions with computer systems fall under the wide gamut of microinteractions. The main purpose here is to enhance user experiences by creating small moments that maximize user engagement. Microinteractions in web development solutions improve the quality of interaction between users and web interfaces. 

Microinteractions in SIri
Source: iphonehacks

An apt example of microinteractions is the popular virtual assistant app in Apple devices i.e Siri. As we invoke Siri, we see a visual audio wave that gives the impression that someone’s listening. 


#5 More Intricate Typography

With a minimalistic approach in place, the UI/UX design trends in 2019-20 encouraged simplified typography across web interfaces. However, if we go by the current trends, there is a considerable change in the UI/UX design strategies, with typography becoming slightly more complex. The purpose of introducing such intricate typography is to make the website look more appealing while also grasping viewers’ attention. A majority of websites belonging to the entertainment sector are largely following this kind of typography to engage their audience. 


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Final Words

All things considered, it looks as if there is not much change in design trends for 2021 except for the increasing focus on microinteractions and mobile interfaces. As for the content, trends have also shifted considerably with typography becoming slightly more ornate and fancy. Besides, UI/UX design and development for web applications has now become a blend of minimalistic UI, pastel colors, complex typography, and 3D visuals. However, UI/UX design methodologies might be different for different business types. It is, therefore, critical to evaluate user experience requirements and expectations as well as the value proposition and industry standards. 


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