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Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | September 12, 2022

Remote workforce management has become a part of the new normal, especially in the IT industry where a majority of organizations still abide by the remote working policy. Although the pandemic has subsided in many regions of the world, several IT companies continue to work remotely. It has paved the way for a hybrid business model which has been adopted by many organizations post the pandemic. The main reason for adopting the hybrid approach is the unprecedented rise in workforce productivity and profitability.

Several enterprises believe that imposing the remote working policy brought a multifold increase in their profit margins while also enhancing productivity levels. However, it was not possible in the absence of effective workforce management software with features like time/attendance tracking, remote collaboration, and payroll management. 

Remote Workforce Management Solutions

Developing and implementing remote workforce management solutions enable enterprises to proactively manage their resources and keep close tabs on workforce activities. Besides, it aids in assigning new tasks, tracking work progress, creating/managing rosters, and performing tasks related to HR and administration. 

In the following section, we shall talk about the importance of remote workforce management solutions and the benefits they deliver to enterprises. Subsequently, we shall explore the top software platforms that facilitate remote collaboration and delve into the ideal approach for building custom ERP solutions for remote workforce management. 


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What Is Remote Workforce Management?

Before we delve into the subject matter, let us first examine the significance of remote workforce management and its benefits to enterprises. 

Remote workforce management, as the name suggests, is a practice that involves remotely managing a team of employees by virtue of digital software tools. It includes a series of workforce management tools including collaboration tools, communication tools, workforce tracking software, and employee self-service portals. At the same time, there are dedicated software automation tools for HR and administrative processes like recruitment, onboarding, payroll processing, and more. 


Top Advantages of Workforce Management Software 

Below are the main advantages of workforce management software that enterprises may use to efficiently manage their employees and bring out maximum productivity. 


Data Security

A web-based ERP solution for remote workforce management renders top-tier data security with advanced data backup and recovery features. As such, enterprises may rest assured that their employees’ data is safe and adequately protected. 


Task Planning and Scheduling

Developing and implementing ERP web solutions facilitate seamless task planning, shift planning, employee rostering, task scheduling, and similar functions. At the same time, field managers can proactively monitor the work progress of their teams and assign new tasks to their subordinates. 


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Time and Attendance Tracking

Time and attendance tracking is yet another crucial feature of remote workforce management solutions that enable enterprises to track and manage their employees’ attendance data. Here, you get an intuitive dashboard interface to gain real-time visibility into your employees’ login/logout hours as well as the attendance data.


Leave Management

In addition to time/attendance tracking, the remote workforce management solutions facilitate employee self-service portals where they can apply for leaves. Managers reserve the right to act upon these applications to approve/disapprove them or take the appropriate action. 


Performance Monitoring

Remote workforce management solutions enable enterprises to track and monitor employee performance across the most crucial business KPIs. The software automatically generates detailed performance reports for effective performance evaluation of employees with minimal bias. 


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Closing Remarks

These were some of the main features and benefits of remote workforce management solutions that enterprises may avail to efficiently run their operations while also managing their employees. That being said, it is advisable to develop a custom solution from scratch rather than opting for an off-the-shelf solution. It is because developing a custom solution helps you gain complete control over the software and its features. In doing so, you may build a standalone business application that caters to all you business needs and workforce requirements. 


Why Choose Us To Develop Custom Remote Workforce Management Solutions?

We are a seasoned ERP application development company that specializes in building custom enterprise solutions for the diverse industry-specific needs of our clients. Our development team uses the latest tech stack and next-gen technologies to build feature-rich enterprise applications that are easy to scale. We employ agile methodologies to scrupulously build custom remote workforce management solutions from the ground up. To learn more about our workforce management software development services, drop us a line at [email protected].

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