Choosing Right ERP Implementation Partner for Business Efficiency

Posted By : Aditi | October 4, 2019

ERP Implementation Partner

The operational efficiency of an ERP solution is subject to the selection of a competent implementation partner. Its performance and functionality affect every aspect of business operations including staff, customers, productivity, and sales. An ideal ERP implementation partner will provide a detailed deployment plan, manage the implementation project and provide on-going long term support. This blog post explores key considerations businesses should take to evaluate ERP solution providers. 

Key Considerations for Choosing Right ERP Implementation Partner


Review of Current Processes, Strengths, and Problems

The implementation partner needs to document the company’s current processes, strengths, and weaknesses. The knowledge of existing software is essential to analyze the limitations of the existing system. Your ERP partner should assist you in analyzing which processes can be improved to achieve the desired goals. Such a comprehensive analysis will enable you to choose an effective ERP solution that meets all business requirements.

Our development team at Oodles begins with a detailed analysis of onsite requirements. Our ERP development team then recommends an implementation approach that best fits your timeline and budget.


Total Costs of Ownership (TCO) Evaluation

Businesses while evaluating their ERP solution should assess the TCO over a three year period. Stakeholders should discuss TCO with their ERP implementation partner to get a realistic cost estimate. The key considerations are:






Implementation services

Upgrade fees

Annual Maintainance fees

Third-party tools

Internal resource costs

If the organization is on a steady growth curve, it is essential for decision-makers to anticipate the costs associated with upgrading and expanding system processes. It is critical for businesses to review their goals with the ERP implementation partner to avoid excessive upgrading costs.


Development Plan

The implementation team should develop a plan that is realistic. Here, are some key consideration for developing a plan:

Improving critical business processes


Workflow design

Data migration

Conference Room Pilot (CRP)

Multiple tests, in all aspects, by end-users

Organization and managerial changes

Businesses should know their estimated costs and resource commitments before making a final selection.

At Oodles, we practice ‘phased’ implementation. Rather than doing everything at once, our development team divides the project into individual phases. Phase wise effort distribution leads to efficient project completion. 


Alignment with Existing Infrastructure

It is essential that an ERP solution aligns with the existing IT infrastructure. Otherwise, the costs and complexity of the business can increase substantially. Businesses need to discuss the options regarding infrastructure with their IT department and potential vendors to ensure that the new system will align with the current infrastructure.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Readiness

Incorporation of AI into ERP is critical for business growth. It enhances the autonomous recognition of trends and automation of everyday workflows. For instance, manufacturing businesses are now using next-gen technologies like machine learning to predict demand automatically, schedule production runs and plans procurement of raw materials. Businesses should choose an ERP solution that can incorporate AI tools to drive operational efficiency with minimum human intervention.


Oodles ERP Implementation Highlights

Streamline your business operations with our custom ERP implementation services. Oodles ERP has a traceable record of successful ERP implementation. We provide a range of digitally transformative ERP services to increase business efficiency. Our proficiency in ERP is driven by 3 factors: expert consulting, end-to-end integrations and custom-tailored solutions. 

Our ERP development team has implemented a workforce management application for Timeforge (a labor-management system) to streamline its attendance, employee scheduling, sales, and labor reporting activities. With our workforce management application, users can seamlessly track applicants throughout their hiring process. 

Our development team has experience in implementing open-source ERP platforms like Apache Ofbiz and Opentaps for various business verticals. We can implement all major modules of Ofbiz/Opentaps including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), e-commerce, warehouse management, accounting, and finance.

At Oodles ERP, we have experience in building highly-scalable ERP software systems with vast integration options. Connect with us now to KNOW MORE!

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